Banni Chow Home Delivery 21 June 2022 written update: Manini and Hemant decided to leave the house

At the beginning of the episode, Banni sees blood in the hands of Yuvan. She ask him what happened to him? She sees the blood on his head also. She says that she will take him to the doctor. Dadosa says that he has given the right to Banni that she can take Yuvan anywhere she wants. Banni takes Yuvan to the doctor. On the other hand, Manini is crying.. Hemant consoles her. He says that she didn’t know anything and she did everything mistakenly. He says it’s okay if Banni asked her to apologise. 

He says that he can’t see her crying. Meanwhile, Dadosa comes and tells them that now Yuvan and Niyati are not going to get engaged. Hemant ask him why? He says that he can decide the good and bad for Yuvan. He says that Yuvan needs a supporting life partner who loves and supports him. Hemant says that Niyati is perfect and Manini has chosen her for Yuvan. He says that his decision his final. Manini says to Hemant that she did everything for this house. She says that she is doing things out of her capacity still things are going wrong. She says that what is the need to cancel the engagement.

She says that if she would have been the real mother of Yuvan then only she has the right to take decisions for Yuvan. Hemant says that she can decide anything for Yuvan because he knows she always thinks good for him. He says that he will anything for her. Yuvan is spending time with Banni. He tells that she is his superhero because she always saved him. He says that when she is with him, he never feels scared because he knows that she will handle everything.

He says that they should get married. He says that when two people get married then they can live with eachother. He says then they will see cartoon together and also go to water park together. Banni says marriage is not easy. She says that she is his best friend. Yuvan ask her to swear on him that she will never leave him. She promise him that she will never leave him. He says that his mother also told him that she never leave him but his mother loves stars more than him and left him.

Banni says but she won’t go anywhere. Hemant and Manini tells Dadosa that they are leaving this house and are going to Delhi. Manini says that this house feels like a jail and he is like a jailor who forces his decision on everyone. She says that they have to leave this house so that they can take decisions for their children by themselves. Then Yuvan comes and Hemant tells him that they are leaving this house and are going to Delhi.

Upcoming story – Manini says that why Dadosa is not coming to stop them? Banni ask Dadosa did he knew about it? He says yes. She says that he should have told her by calling him. She says that she shouldn’t have promised Yuvan that she will stay forever with him.