Bawara Dil 8 March 2021 Written Update – Narpath plotted against Akka Bai

At the beginning of the episode, Shiva’s mother was cursing Siddhi for breaking her new tv. She was insisting Shiva to teach a good lesson to that girl. Shiva was telling him to ignore this and I would bring a new tv for you. Soni was also convincing her to forget this and move on. Suddenly Shiva’s father came there and told Shiva that your mother is crying over a tv so think what that girl would be suffering as you destroyed her life. Shiva took the pledge of Soni and said I haven’t done wrong to her.

Siddhi was sitting at her window and recalling how Gaurav was not willing to trust her words. Suddenly she started having uncountable thoughts in her mind and she started panicking. Ishwar was telling Malini that we would leave this village and go far from here as people would not leave a chance to insult us.

Vineet visited Narpath place and asked him that what work you were having with me. Narpath told him that Shiva had done bad with his sister and the police also didn’t arrest him. Narpath was trying to manipulate him for printing against Shiva. Shiva came to meet Akka Bai but Bhawe didn’t allow him to enter. Bhawe said Akka Bai would not keep you with her as you are having charges on you for kidnaping a girl.

Meher went to Meet Siddhi and motivate her for facing all the problems. Meher insisted Siddhi to reveal what all happened with you. Vineet came there and introduced himself as Siddhi’s friend. Siddhi started revealing what happened to her. Vineet secretly started the recording. Meher said her not to fear as I am there with you. Siddhi hugged him tightly. Siddhi thanked Meher for coming here to support me. Siddhi asked about Sarab and the kids. Meher told him that all are fine you just take care of yourself.

Akka Bai arrived at the hospital opening ceremony. Akka Bai was trying to cut the ribbon but she was not able to cut it. Suddenly Narpath came there and cut the ribbon. Akka Bai said you won’t take my place by cutting this ribbon as this time also we would defeat you. Akka Bai clicked few pictures with Narpath. Narpath whispered and told Alka Bai to introduce her husband.

Vineet went to Narpath with that recoding and he praised him for that. Vineet requested Narpath to blur Siddhi’s face as I don’t want that people would mock her. Narpath gave money to Vineet as he was not willing to take that but he gave him money forcefully. Siddhi was about to leave to meet Gaurav. Malini and Ishwar were trying to tell her that he went off but she was not listening to anyone. Ishwar convinced Siddhi that tomorrow I would go with you to meet Gaurav. Malini made her sleep on her lap.