Bhagya Lakshmi 12th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Lakshmi asked Malishka why did she come behind them at such a speed. Ayush also asks the same question. Malishka says everyone is waiting for them downstairs. Ayush says we know everyone is waiting but we can only go downstairs after we find the fake Pandit and asks Malishka to help them find him in this room. Lakshmi asks Ayush why is he doing this. Ayush says he is taking the exam of Malishka if she helps the fake Pandit and doesn’t find him then Malishka is hiding him and Lakshmi asks if she finds him.

Then we will ask him why is he doing this. Malishka sees Balwinder behind the couch but she doesn’t take Balwinder’s name. Malishka says he might have run away and asks Lakshmi to come downstairs. Ayush and Lakshmi send Malishka away and they act as they are also going but they don’t. Ayush says the theif is behind the couch. Balwinder notices that Ayush didn’t go out of the room.

Rishi checks where did the current come from touching the Kalash. Rishi notices the wire and shows it to his family. Rishi follows the wire and sees that it is ending at the plug point. Rishi goes to find Durga Devi. Rishi runs into Durga Devi and tells her what he found and also shows him the wire and the plug point. Durga Devi says the Pandit might be Balwinder. Durga Devi says Ayush said he might be in the guest room. The people say Ayush and Lakshmi are in the guest room and Malishka says she also came from there. There is no one we searched it. Durga Devi asks are you sure there isn’t anyone. Malishka says yes.

Rishi comes to the guestroom and Ayush signals him to stay quiet. Ayush checks behind the couch but he sees that there is no one. Rishi asks them to come downstairs. Ayush says first we find him whether the Pandit is here or not. Rishi agrees and searches the room with them. When Rishi is about take the curtain where Balwinder is. Malishka comes and asks them what they are doing downstairs.

Balwinder takes this chance gets out of the window and gets on the sunshade. Rishi sees that there is no one behind the curtain and agrees with Malishka to go downstairs. After everybody goes out of the room. Balwinder comes into the room. When he is looking for a way out he sees a saree in the room. Balwinder disguises himself as a woman in a saree and comes out. The constable are keeping an eye outside. The lady constable stops Balwinder to check whether it is really Balwinder or not.