Charrul Malik: Playing Rusa is fun, it is a splendid feeling… aapka hemoglobin badh jata hai jab aap itne khush rehte ho

Charrul Malik’s portrayal of Rusa in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain! and Happu Ki Ultan Paltan. Both the shows are being bankrolled by Binaiferr Kohli and Sanjay Kohli.
Happy with how her character is growing and gelling with both the stories, the news anchor turned actor says, “The feeling is amazing. Both the shows are the top ones on &TV and my character is growing slowly because it takes time for one to settle down. Your potential, acting skills are noticed by directors and producers and even by scriptwriters. Now my dialogues are lengthier, in the beginning, as I was a newcomer, to keep me in my comfort zone the dialogues used to be crisp and short. Now that I am picking up and there is chemistry. Playing Rusa is fun, it is a splendid feeling… aapka hemoglobin badh jata hai jab aap itne khush rehte ho.”

The best thing about her role, according Charrul, is that she identifies with Rusa’s role. In fact, she says, ‘Rusa is Charrul and Charrul is Rusa. “So, I do not have to add any extra effort or make it up, I don’t have to pretend or go overboard. What you see in Rusa, her tone, everything is exactly Charrul. So a lot of people will understand that it’s my personality. Even here I’m very natural as I was when I was an anchor,” she shares.

Talking about how both Binaiferr and Sanjay know the pulse of the audience. Charrul adds, “Their viewpoint is amazing. No one can beat them when it comes to their comedy shows. Both are really fun to be around, that say a lot about why their show is lively. They understand the concept that works. They, along with the team of director, writer and rest of the cast and crew, are seasoned. Sanjay sir and Binaiferr ma’am don’t have any match, they think a lot for the whole team and do a lot for us all,” she adds.

Charrul bonds much with her co-stars, Tika (Vaibhav Mathur), Malkhan (Dipesh Bhan), and Manmohan Tiwari (Rohitash Gaud).  “We even make videos and reels. You won’t believe if the reel is of 15 seconds, it is made in exactly 15 seconds, there is no retakes or editing. Our chemistry is amazing, even with Aasif Sheikh (plays the role of Vibhyuti) ji, but we do not have many scenes together as of now. With them around, “shoot ka time kahan nikal jata hai pata hi nahi chalta,” she says.

Having a good environment on set is essential. “If you are happy, everything works out. So even on the set, our team is fun. Even the style of saying a ‘hello’ is super funny. Aisa lagta hai sab dheere dheere acting seekh gaye hai aur agar unhe kisi din camera pe le aaoge toh shayad humse bhi acchi acting karle. So it all depends on an environment where everyone gives their best aur jab log khush hote hai toh cheeze sabse acchi hoti hai,” adds Charrul

So what’s the best compliment she has got for her role? “That I’m very natural, and I’m looking hot. A lot of people are saying my dresses, hairstyle is looking really good. But being natural is the best compliment for me, after all Charrul is Rusa and Rusa is Charrul,” she ends.