Choti Sarrdaarni 26 February 2021 Written Update – Will Sarab able to stop Meher?

At the beginning of the episode, Seher opens her eyes and Sarab was in front of her. Sarab asked Seher about her mother’s name. Seher replied, “Sirat”. Sarab recalled the past moments when he renamed Meher’s name with Sirat. Koul was telling Meher that you won’t get this lucky chance again and again. Sarab got a strong feeling that Seher’s mother is Meher. Sarab went and bring his phone. Sarab showed Meher’s pic to Seher and asked is she your mother? Seher said yes this is my super mom. Sarab got excited and kisses her forehead. Meher was about to go from there and Koul was insisting her not to go leaving all things back. Meher decided she won’t go back to Kashmir as Sarab would come there to find me. Koul asked her that where would you go alone. Meher said very far form everyone and leaves from there.

Sarab acknowledged Samaira that Seher is my daughter. Sarab went to find her on the hospital premises. Sarab went to the CCTV room and saw Meher on the monitor. Meher step up on a bus and went from there. Sarab was finding for Meher in the local area’s. Kulwant saw Sarab searching for Meher and started following him. Police stopped the bus to find our Meher but she hides her face with the scarf. A girl sitting beside Meher dropped her ball outside the window. That little girl shouted for the ball and Sarab gave that ball to her.

Harleen got to know that Seher is Sarab’s daughter. Kulwant figured out that we are following the wrong car as this car does not belong to Sarab. The bus stopped and everyone came down. There was a function going on in which Meher helped them to distribute drinks. Sarab was also there searching for Meher. Meher found a small girl crying for her mother. Meher told her that I would take her to the help counter where they would find her mother. Everyone misunderstood Meher as a thief who used to steal kids. They all caught her and started cursing her. Suddenly Sarab appeared and said I know her she is not a bad lady. Meher heard Sarab’s voice and turned around.

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