Faltu 15th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 15th March 2023 Written Update, Rocky coming to Vishal, Vishal asks about Rekha. Faltu says she went for some function, I am here to serve you so you tell me what to do. Vishal looks Faltu closely. Rocky says we do anything you say we just need something extra. Vishal says it’s perfect where were you till now? You are good. Rocky and friend go out.

Rocky asks friend to be comfortable as his way they will get caught as now he will go back home and make everyone eat and make them sleep so make video after making Vishal drunk. Friend says what about those original nurses? Rocky says give me their number so that they don’t come. Rocky says we need to succeed, we have done a lot not anymore, I have suffered a lot we need to know the actual reality and make him confess. Rocky goes out and Ayaan sess him.

Ayaan asks Rocky what is he doing here? Rocky says I am here as I got confused with road. Ayaan takes Rocky. Janardhan and everyone praise Rocky’s food and how he managed to cook before go. Kanika says I was going to go back home but I am planning to stay till dinner. Tanisha says I thought something about a picnic in our farmhouse as Ayaan is getting help from therapy so we can go on weekend.

Janardhan says perfect plan and Kanika you are coming too. Janardhan says we forgot about farmhouse as it’s Ayaan’s favourite place, Tanisha is so smart and she plans the best. Tanisha says thank you. Janardhan and everyone just praise her. Tanisha says I will plan the activities. Ayaan comes with Rocky. Tanisha tells Ayaan about farmhouse plan. Ayaan thinks I can’t lose Faltu I can’t go and lose my opportunity, everyone is just after me and ruining my plan, I should do something, this is not happening right. Ayaan gets sad. Tanisha says everyone’s said it’s your favourite place and you got sad. Ayaan says it’s just that there were so many festivals and now I can’t do more even Dadi. Rocky thinks it’s good if everyone goes.

Dadi says I will take Rocky to cook healthy food for me. Rocky says okay. Sid is given the responsibilities of doing everything in farmhouse. Sid decides to ruin the romantic ideas there. Later, Rocky calls friend and thinks to call the actual nurses while his friend confirms that he has made Vishal drunk come soon. Rocly calls Namrata and calls her to some other hospital to be a nurse there for the night. Namrata agrees. Rocky jumps from balcony and comes to hospital. They see Vishal drunk. Vishal tells about how other nurses are worst and they are of no use, now it feels like a vacation and in heaven. Rocky makes the phone ready. Rocky tries to start the story how he came here. Vishal says no one can understand me, I am stuck here. Vishal says I don’t know why they are scared of Faltu, she played so well so well, but they made me trap him and everyone trusted me. Rocky says we all saw that video. Vishal says actually it was fake and she played well and everyone trusted me. Vishal laughs. Rocky tries to get the name.

Precap – Vishal tells Faltu about Ayaan being the culprit.