Have been offered a TV series: Dr. Akash Sharma

Doctor, fitness model, and professional boxer Akash Sharma has welcomed 2023 with new opportunities. He revealed that he has been offered a TV series and he will soon start working on it.

Sharing his goals for 2023, he said, “Being a doctor, I am ready to serve people more than before with a good success rate. Being a fitness model I will do photoshoots for sports brands and also with a few big fitness magazines. I have been offered a TV series as well, and I will soon begin working on it.”

“I feel in today’s time the competition has only increased, so one has to work harder to make a place for themselves. And I am always working on my goals as it fills me with the energy to work hard,” he added.

Akash also confessed that he is able to strike a balance between his professional and personal life very easily, and said, “I have a timetable for doing my work and I follow it. For this, I stay far away from social media, TV, and parties. I feel that I can put my time to good use by staying away from all this. Somewhere and sometimes you have to sleep less to fulfill your dreams.”

So how do you unwind after a hard day at work? “I often spend time with my parents or go to Phuket or Bali during my offs. Doing this gives me rest and gives me the push to stay strong and give my best,” he said.

Being a doctor, a fitness model, and a professional boxer, is more difficult than it looks, but he manages it all really well. Sharing his secret to multi-tasking, he said, “My advice for those who want to multitask is to always remain focused and work hard and smartly. For this, you need to be strong and believe that only you can do it.”