Hemant Chaddha injures his ankle

His workout was the first thing that came to actor Hemant Chaddha’s mind when he ended up with an injury recently. The actor who was last seen in TV shows like Anamika, Ambar Dhara and Dwarkadheesh twisted his ankle while getting out of his car recently, and will take a few days to recover.

“The ground was uneven and my car was high, so I misjudged the distance and ended up with a twisted ankle. It’s thankfully not as bad as it felt earlier. I am not able to put much pressure on the foot as it hurts. My instant reaction was worry and I prayed for it to not be as bad as it felt as I don’t want it to affect my workout. I should be fine in about 3 to 4 days but will have to make adjustments with my workout,” he says.

However, the actor says that when it comes to working out, he is extra careful. “I am very careful when I work out and thankfully have never been injured in the Gym (touchwood). I make sure the area around me is clear and I put away all the equipment right away after I have finished using it,” he says.