Hitanshu Jinsi talks about lavish celebrity weddings these days!

Actor Hitanshu Jinsi says that a celebrity has the freedom to limit the amount of publicity he wants his wedding to have. The actor adds that there are many public figures who have smaller, hush-hush weddings as well.

“Many celebrities get married differently, according to their convenience. I think if an actor is not comfortable with the invasion of privacy, he should marry quietly with immediate family and relatives. On the other hand, if he loves and is okay if people enter his personal life, then do the wedding openly. It totally depends on how one wants to get married and there is nothing wrong in following your heart,” he says.

Even films show different kinds of weddings, he says, adding, “Films always used to show grand weddings, but nowadays, see, simple and beautiful weddings are shown in films… Because somewhere everyone is tired of showing off.. and they believe in minimalist living.”

There’s huge money involved and the lavishness somewhere increases the aspiration value even of the normal public. Hitanshu says that there needs to be a limit to how much you can show off. “See marrying lavishly is fine but don’t show off. Showing off is wrong. I think people who lavishly get married are under pressure to show this off to people/relatives. Shaadi is a platform for all the relatives. Everyone starts comparing their dresses and jewelry. The one who is getting married publicly should not have any problem with selfies and pictures,” he says.

He adds, “It is everyone’s personal choice…Some spend money at once, some slowly… we can’t do anything about it.”