Imlie 11 June 2021 Written Update -Tripathi’s get arrested

Star Plus’s popular show Imlie is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.  

At the beginning of the episode, the Police takes them to the Jail. Sundar call Aditya and tell him Everything. Tripathi’s ask Anu that she did wrong to them. Nishant ask Anu that this is family matter, she shouldn’t call the Police. Anu ask them to blame Imlie. Imlie said that why she is blaming her for everything. Imlie thinks that she should show something to Anu.

Kunal is waiting for Imlie. Kunal thinks that he should call her. Kunal calls Imlie, but no one responded. Kunal calls Malini for Satyakam’s help. Malini agree to help him. Dev ask Malini whom she is talking. Malini says nothing important. Malini ask him to take rest.

Aditya comes to the police station, where Aditya get furious at Anu. Anu said that he is the one who tortures her daughter. Aditya says that she stoop so low this time. Aditya locked in the Jail. Imlie comes to the Chaturvedi’s house and take something from there. Dev ask what happened to her. Imlie said that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Aditya is in lockup, where everyone is tensed. Aditya said that he will do something to go out. Imlie comes there and said that she has some proof against Anu.
Anu start misbehaving with Imlie . Imlie ask not to be oversmart. Anu says ill to Imlie. Radha and Aditya ask Anu not to talk to Imlie like this. Imlie told Anu that she has proof against her. Imlie hold Anu’s hand and told her that she should know the difference between right and wrong. Imlie shows the cctv footage to everyone and said that if she submit to the police. Anu’s game will be over. Anu looks on. Imlie ask her to take her complain back , otherwise she will show it to the police. Anu looks on.

Malini and Kunal is at the court, where Malini calls Aditya and think that he never picked the call, but why family members doesn’t pick her calls. Malini think that they doesn’t want to talk to her. Malini ask Kunal about the argument. Kunal said that what she knows about Satyakam. Malini told him everything about Pagdandia. Kunal get surprise and said that Malini is something different. Kunal looks on.
Aditya and family comes out of the lockup. The police ask Anu that this is crime to do fake complain. Aparna daid that she doesn’t want to let them divorce , but now she will not stop Aditya. Aparna said that she shouldn’t come tripathi’s house ever. Aparna leaves from there. Imlie ask Anu that she is Malini’s mother that’swhy she left her. Imlie said that the proof is still in her hand, so not try to do something which harm her family. Anu looks on.

Episode end

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