Kundali bhagya 18 June 2021 Spoiler -Preeta confronts Prithvi

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Police will be shocked to see Karan Luthra in front of them. They will arrest Karan and leave the Luthra house. Prithvi will tell Preeta that he is so happy that the police talk with Karan nicely. Preeta will confront him asking if he was the one who called the police here.

What will Prithvi do next?

Up till now, Mahira comes to Pammi. She is angry because Pammi told her a false story about her father. So she gets irritated with Pammi and scolds her. Pammi also gets angry. She clearly explains to Mahira that it will be better for her if she stays away from Karan and Sameer. Mahira is shocked to hear her words. She wonders why Pammi is taking Sameer’s name. There Dadi calls Rakhi. Dadi tells Rakhi that she has done right by hiding their son Karan. But someone has informed the police that Karan is with them, then they have to be careful. Rakhi gets scared. She informs everyone about it and they leave the villa and come to Dadi and Kareena’s house. However, Prithvi once again calls the police and tell them that Karan and his family have left the Old Villa and returned to the Luthra house. As soon as this information is received, the police come to Luthra house. Girish who is standing on the terrace sees the police and goes to the Luthra. He tells them that the police has arrived.


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