Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2 May 2021 Weekly Written Update – Raghav Destroyed Pallavi’s Life

Pallavi’s life got totally changed after Raghav revealed her secrets in front of her in-laws. Pallavi’s biggest supporter started hating her. Vijay throws Pallavi out of the house. Pallavi become homeless. Vijay got heart attack and get admitted to the hospital. Jaya and Kirti supported Pallavi in her bad time and allows her to stay with them. Raghav confronted with a beggar, who gave him a important advice to not to harm an innocent.

Pallavi is facing problems and get to know about Vijay’s health. On the other hand, Raghav purchased a new house and decided to stays with her mother and sister in that house.

Jay and Kirti get to know about Vijay’s health. Jaya shows sympathy to Sharda. Sulochana taunted Jaya for Raghav’s doings. Jaya slapped Jaya and shut her mouth off. Jaya apologized to Pallavi for her son’s mistakes. Later Jaya asked Raghav to apologize to Pallavi and her family for whatever he has done. Raghav refused to say sorry. Faraz, Raghav’s personal secretary always tried to stop Raghav, whenever Raghav tried to hurt Pallavi.

Raghav was unaware about the Pallavi’s presence in the town. When Raghav get to know that Pallavi used her money and is still in the town, Raghav fights with Pallavi. Jaya and Kirti many times asked Raghav to apologize to Pallavi. Jaya and Sharda sits together and have a cup of tea together.

Jaya get to know about Pallavi’s life. Jaya get to know that Pallavi is also a widow like her. Jaya thought that Pallavi should marry someone to live her life happily. Jaya decided to fix Raghav and Pallavi’s marriage.

Raghav always wanted Jaya and Kirti to stay with him in his house. Jaya got a plan. Jaya put a deal in front of Raghav that, if Raghav will marry to Pallavi then only Jaya and Kirti come to his house and stays with him together. At first, Raghav refused to Jaya in anger.

Afterward, Raghav decided to marry Pallavi, because he loves her amma and sister so much.

On the other hand, Kirti too argues with Jaya about her decision of Raghav and Pallavi’s marriage. Kirti said Jaya’s decision of Raghav’s marriage can destroy Pallavi’s life. Jaya knows that only Pallavi can handle Raghav, that’s why she wants Raghav to marry Pallavi.

Raghav decided to marry Pallavi. But Pallavi on the other hand hates Raghav and refused for marriage.

Earlier Vijay trust Pallavi too much, but after that incident Vijay started hating Pallavi too much and decided to make will, before his death.

Raghav is planning new ways to agree Pallavi for marriage. Raghav put Nikhil in jail.

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