Namak Issk ka written update 10 August 2021 Yug learns the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Satya was thinking where did Chamcham go off after calling me here. Suddenly Gunjan came there and told her I know you are Satya. So I want to help you to take revenge on Chamcham. Satya thought I won’t let her plan be successful but I will use her to get out from here. Gunjan manipulates her against Chamcham and tells her to come with me. Suddenly Gunjan smashed a vase on her head and Satya gets unconscious.

On the other hand, Irawati tells that I can prove that she is not Chamcham and when this girl doesn’t have any plan she pretends to be unwell. Chamcham says what rubbish? Then Irawati made a call to the doctor who confirmed that her mother is hospitalized and she came to meet her this morning. Chamcham was telling Yug to believe me but Irawati started manipulating everyone.

Saroj asked Chamcham to reveal your identity. Rupa says what you all are doing? Saroj told her I know Chamcham she can’t say any which could hurt you but this girl did that day. Chamcham told them I am real and Irawati brought the duplicate one which was living with you all. Ravikanth says if you are Chamcham then why you were asking me weird questions.

Rony says it’s fine you are real but where you were these days. Chamcham told them that Irawati kept me in the basement and used to feed me like a prisoner. She took them there to show all the proof but was there. Chamcham says there was a hole from which o came out and I used to sleep here. Yug didn’t believe her and started asking where is my Chamcham. She told her you can ask me anything if you find me wrong then throw me out of the house.

Saroj told Yug to call the police and trap her till they come. Rupa says we can’t hand over her to them or else she can harm Chamcham. Ravikanth request her to reveal about Chamcham. Irawati tells them to give me 24 hours or else I will call the police. Saroj says till she finds Chamcham keeps this girl under the trap. Irawati thought all these innocent people are not able to get that real Chamcham is standing in front of her.

Chamcham was trying to make Rua understand that she is Real but she didn’t hear her. Yug came inside and locked the door. He hugged her and thank God for bringing Chamcham safely to me. Chamcham says I lost all the hope of coming back. Yug told her I followed Satya and reached you.

While Satya and Chamcham were talking Yug came there and tells Satya to reveal the truth. Then Chamcham acknowledged Yug about Irawati’s whole plan. Satya tells them to let me go from here and I will not do this again. Yug says your mother is still under her trap and she could harm her. Then Yug made a plan with them. Yug asked Chamcham that why Irawati is doing all this. Chamcham says I will tell you but before that, we have to keep the promise done to Satya.

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