Namak Issk ka written update 9 August 2021 Yug learns the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Karan tells Yug that your wife’s intentions are not good. Satya thought why he is saying this? There Chamcham was thinking that I have to find out whether Satya is my sister or not and why she didn’t come yet. Satya told Karan to say it clearly what you are willing to say. Karan told Yug that this lady is a fraud girl as she has involved me in the conspiracy. Yug says mind your tongue. Karan told him that your wife promised to give me a chance in your movie if I will marry Gunjan. Satya told him it wasn’t a deal as I told you if Gunjan will like you then only I will tie your knot with her.

Karan told Gunjan that she wants to throw you out of this house and that day in the temple she told me to call Yug and say him that Satya got fainted. Irawati thought Satya planned too much but now she got trapped. Satya told them he is lying you all. There Chamcham was worrying that why Satya didn’t come yet.

Satya asks Karan why you are doing this to me. Karan started telling Saroj that I got into her words for a role in the movie but I know I am guilty for everything. Yug slapped him and says if you will speak more then I will kill you. Gunjan and Irawati say we won’t leave Chamcham as she is after Gunjan. Yug told them I believe my wife and tells Karan to get out of this house. Satya thought I have to maintain this respect and bring back Chamcham.

Gunjan was crying and telling them that Yug doesn’t bother about me. Saroj told her don’t worry we all have heard him. Dadi told them to find out the truth. Gunjan tells Saroj I’m sorry you need to go to Jail for me but now you have to help me. Saroj promised her o won’t let anything happen to you.
Yug tells Rupa I know Karan is true but this girl on the house is not Chamcham. Rupa asked how did you? Yug told her that I tied a red thread on Chamcham’s wrist which is missing but on the day of “Tandav” it was present on her hand.

After Yug came in Saroj told Yug to decide what we have to do with Chamcham. Yug took her side and told them that someone might have threatened her to put these allegations on Chamcham. There She was losing hope that Satya will come or not. Rupa also took Yug’s side and told them that every time Gunajan is forgiven for her mistakes so we should forgive her too. Yug told her not to stretch this matter anymore. Satya thought Yug is strongly taking her wife’s side.

Irawati started objecting by saying that you made me apologize to her once. Dadi also started telling them that she needs to apologize. Satya immediately agrees to apologize. On the other hand, Chamcham made a hole in the wall through a rod.

Satya went to Chamcham but she was not there. Irawati locked the door from outside. Satya screams for help. Irawati thought I will make Yug believe that Satya has kidnaped Chamcham. Ravikanth told Yug that Chamcham was asking about her parents weirdly as she doesn’t do anything. Yug thought know I am very sure that sue is not Chamcham.

Irawati tells Yug that someone is there in the basement. They all rushed but in between the doorbell rang. They opened the door and Chamcham was there. Yug thought she is Chamcham or not. As soon as Chamcham entered the house she fell unconscious. Irawati made a new plan with Gunjan. The doctor came and examined her. Chamcham was telling Yug that I want to say something but Yug told her first you get fine. Yug went to Rupa and told her I am not getting it she is Chamcham or not. Irawati heard them and thought now it’s being late.

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