Nima Denzongpa 22 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Alok opens the entryway. Show craftsman comes there Tulika imagines like talking manage him and consents to wed Sanju. Suresh and Nima also act alongside her. They leave from that point. Nima recommends Tulika to wed another person today in light of the fact that your marriage is tomorrow.

Tulika asks her will he wed her to bother Alok. She imagines not being intrigued by it thinking he is single. They play a show that they are looking through an individual to wed Tulika. Alok says that he is here to wed her since he cherishes her a ton. Tulika denies it thinking she doesn’t want to inconvenience him. However, he persuaded her.

In Sunita’s home. Nima offers to Sunita that their arrangement working out in a good way as expected. she expresses gratitude toward Tulika for helping out her. Nima believes that they can draw out reality today. Later Nima visits Gulshan’s house to meet her. She gains from worker that they left to air terminal.

Nima dials to Gulshan however she didn’t go to her call moreover Chunky too. Mona recommends her to obstruct her number. In the mean time Sunita assists Tulika with preparing in marriage style. Suresh values her look and requests that she accompany him quickly or, more than likely they will be late for marriage. He takes from that point.

Nima calls Sunita erroneously and offers to her what occurred in Gulshan house. They left to air terminal on the off chance that they don’t come on time then, at that point, all plan will he floundered. Alok will figure out all reality. Nima takes driver telephone and illuminates to Alok thar he went to an off-base spot. She requests that he go to another sanctuary. He expressions of remorse to cleric that they referenced an off-base spot. Driver sees Nima camouflage like a Singh. Alok sees Tulika and Suresh arrives at their on time. He imagines that Bandhu babbled to him.

Nima offers to Sunita that she is doing this all to draw out the reality of Alok. Trust he will get captured today. She gets into traffic. She requests that he take one more approach back. He requests that she stand by it will clear in a couple of moments. In the meantime Tulika and Suresh sits tight for Nima in sanctuary. Tulika says that she will not wed until Nima comes. Alok requests that they stop this show. He don’t want to wed her. Tulika signals him to stop him. Suresh stops him and apologizes to him. Nima arrives at the sanctuary on time. She gets shock to see them wedded one another.

Suresh consoles her and says everything occurs on purpose. How about we bargain this matter intelligently. In the meantime, Alok requests that Nima drive the vehicle. Tulika requests that he drive it yet he denies it thinking he just got hitched. Nima lets him know she won’t drive today. He says that he got captured today. He realizes that he was playing shows with him.