Ranveer Singh Malik opens up about his upcoming track Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Actor Ranveer Singh Malik, who is part of Prateek Sharma’s show Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, says that there are some major twists and turns coming up in the show. The actor says that the audience are in for quite the treat.

“It will be a high voltage drama as I will dress up as Kaveri for Gungun’s fancy dress competition. But Damini has plotted this to make me the culprit. As you have seen in the episode that Radha is searching for the person who has brought Hriday in the house, so Damini will plot a plan and showcase that I planned to bring Hriday in the house, dressed up as a woman,” he says.

He adds, “Mohan will get to know and he will humiliate me and will break all relationships with me. I will think that this has happened because of Radha and, in the future episode, you will see me taking revenge with Radha by joining hand with Damini and Kaveri.”

Talking about preparing to play a woman on screen, the actor says, “It took 30 minutes for me to get prepared as Kaveri and I must say that it’s really difficult to carry a saree and shoot.”

Meanwhile, the actor adds that such twists and turns are very important in any TV show. “A strong TV serial is possible by the amalgamation of a strong story and different and uniquely portrayal of characters. Thus if an artist justifies his/her role as per character written it definitely influences the story and makes its impact full for the audiences,” he says.