Sasural Simar Ka 2 11 May 2022 written update: Simar warns Dhami

The episode starts with Simar doing aarti in the house. She smells Jasmine’s fragrance and asked Sandhya if she applied any new perfume. Sandhya denied. Suddenly she remember that Dhami was having a perfume which is similar to this fragrance. While Sandhya was doing prayer her saree catches fire. Dhami was seeing all this standing behind the wall. Simar came running to save Sandhya. She sets off the fire with her hand. Suddenly everyone came there and ask how this happened.

Aarav applies ice to Simar’s hand. He ask if she is having much pain? Simar said now it’s not hurting. Reema blamed Dhami fo doing all this. Dhami says what rubbish she is speaking. Simar said she sprayed her sanitizer on her saree so that it catches fire. Dhami said it was just an accident. Simar argues with Dhami for trying to harm her. Dhami say she is just making stories because she didn’t get Aarav. Gitanjali Devi told Simar not to argue with her let it be. Simar said we can’t believe her as she can do anything with this family. Gitanjaali Devi said we all together will do something.

Dhami came back to her room and told Aarav that he haven’t done anything. Aarav cuts his hand because Simar is also suffering from pain. He warn her that he will harm him if she try to trouble Simar. The cook saw Aarav bleeding and informed Gitanjaali Devi. Dhami tells Aarav let’s go to doctor as she can’t see him in pain. Aarav said he don’t want to anywhere. Dhami said she will harm herself too.

Everyone came to look for Aarav. Dhami calls the doctor. The doctor applied a bandage on his hand. Reema tells Dhami that she is like bad news for this family. The doctor asked how it happened? Aarav lied it was just an accident. Dhami told Aarav to take rest. She asked all of them to let him rest.

Simar tells Gitanjaali Devi that she can see pain in her eyes. Gitanjali Devi asks how he can do this. Simar said all this is not truth and soon everything will get fixed. Gitanjali Devi said first she gets well.

Dhami asks Aarav to rest and leave all this office work. Aarav said to leave him alone. He told her to stay away from his family if she wants him stay happy. Dhami promised that she won’t do anything. Simar was telling Reema that Aarav told her that Dhami is blackmailing him. Reema asked how? Simar says she knows this much only. Then Simar get an idea which shared with Reema.

Dhami comes into the kitchen and misbehaves with the cook. Simar told to mind her tongue. She said this is not America and he is not her servant so talk with respect with him. Dhami say don’t give lectures as she came here to cook food for her family. Simar said she is most welcome but from next time don’t misbehave or she might slap her. Both points finger at each other.