Sasural Simar Ka 2 13 January 2022 written update – Geetanjali refuses to forgive Aarav

At the beginning of the episode, Vivan tells Gitanjaali Devi to believe him like this only. Then he hugs her happily. Suddenly a security guard came inside and informed them about Aarav. She told him not to let them come inside. Vivan told Gitanjali Devi not to worry he will handle the situation. The security guard came out and told them that they denied to let them enter the house. Suddenly Simar saw Vivan coming towards them. All the family t were watching Vivan that what action he would take against them.

Vivan tells the guard to open the door. Aarav and Simar came inside the house. Aarav tells Vivan that he married Simar in a temple. Vivan got happy to hear this. Simar said they came here to apologize for the mistake. Vivan says he had done a mistake and touched Aarav’s feet. Gitanjali Devi got shocked to see this. Vivan tells Aarav yot forgive him as when he wanted him he was not there for him. Aarav says it wasn’t his mistake. Vivan apologies to Simar and touched her fees. Al the family members were getting shocked. Chitra tells Vivan to stop him.

Aarav and Simra tell Vivan that they are not angry with him. Reema came there along with other family members. Vivan held Aarav’s hand in front of them. Gitanjali Devi came close and figured out that Aarav married Simar. They were about to touch her feet’s but she stopped them. Gitanjaali Devi started cursing them for coming here. Chitra tells them to leave from here as we won’t be able to bear more pain.

Reema tells Simar that there is no place for her in this house. Gitanjali Devi tells guards to throw them out. Aarav said he was aware of it. Simar calms Gitanjaali Devi and tells her that they won’t be happy without their blessings. Aarav said he came here on Simar’s request as he doesn’t have much hope’s from them. Gitanjali Devi tells guards to drag them out but Vivan stopped them. Vivan tells them to come with him and today don’t stop him. Gitanjali Devi warns Vivan but he told her that today he won’t listen to anyone. Aarav told Vivan that he won’t argue with anyone for them. Reema scolds Simar and asks her to leave from here as nobody likes you. Simar says this is today’s truth but not permanent and one days everyone will meltdown.