Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 13 March 2022 weekly

Last week, we saw Aarav, Vivan, Simar, and Aditi blowing balloons for giving surprise. Suddenly Sandhya came inside the room and asked what’s going on? Everyone was shocked as their surprise was revealed now. Aarav told her that we were planning a surprise for their Anniversary. Vivan tells her not to acknowledge anything to Gajander as it would be s surprise for him. Sandhya says you all care a lot. Vivan said this was Simar’s plan. Simar says we should do something more to make it special. Aarav says he is having some plan just wait.

Gitanjali Devi shouted and called everyone downstairs. She asked Simar if she is not aware of the rules of this house. Simar told her that she is aware of all the rules and she didn’t do anything intentionally. Gitanjali Devi ask if she made this cake containing eggs. Simar told her that she haven’t mixed anything in it. Gitanjaali Devi said we want proof. Simar kept the cake in front of God’s idol and said she haven’t mixed egg in it.

Chitra and Giriraj were going into Gajander’s room but someone stopped them from coming inside the room. Simar came over there and explained to them that they are putting CCTV cameras to monitor Gajander’s moment. Chitra went to Gitanjali Devi and manipulate her regarding Simar. On asking Rajander told Gitanjali Devi that he has only told Simar as it’s very necessary to monitor Gajander as he is very critical. Chitra was trying to object but Simar said she is doing all this for Gajander’s recovery. Gitanjali Devi approved and told Rajender to carry on.

Aarav and Simar play a video clip of photos in front of Gajander. He wakes to see those photos and get’s emotional. Aarav and Simar were getting happy seeing their reaction. Simar says we have picked every photo very carefully as it holds some memories. Suddenly Reema and Aditi came inside with balloons and wishes him an anniversary. Later Sandhya came into the room wearing a white Cinderella dress. Gajander felt happy seeing them. Simar tells Gajander that he also has to wear a matching outfit. Gardner was ready and waiting for Sandhya downstairs. Simar comes along with Sandhya. Aarav pulls Simar aside and thanked her for this moment.

Sandhya and Chitra dressed up like Jaya Prada and comes in front of them where Gajendra doesn’t remember anything. They all start dancing where Gajendra gets happy. Gajendra doesn’t remember anything where they start doing something so that he can remember anything. Jaya Ji comes there where everyone gets happy. Everyone takes her blessings and she dances with everyone. Everyone gets happy.

Simar thanked Jaya ji for coming here and say’s it’s doesn’t feel like you are guest to us. Jaya ji praised her for the way she keeps the family together. Simar said my in-laws always considered her as own daughter. Jaya ji say’s if the relationship is strong then it has a bright future. All the family members along with Jaya ji rejoice on her movie song. Girraj intentionally called Gitanjaali Devi so that she should get to know that music are being played in the Oslwal mansion. Gitanjali Devi angrily reached the house and open the main door.

Gitanjali Devi asks with whose permission they all are playing the music. She tells them that this is her house, not any local market. Jaya ji came to Gitanjali Devi and told her that Sangeet is like a blessing of God. Gitanjali Devi greets and say’s she was not aware that such a talented artist is here. Jaya Ji praised her family and said she us having such a wonderful family. Jaya ji said it’s too late now she should leave. Gitanjali Devi says if she would be aware of her arrival then she herself would be there for her welcome. Jaya ji said she can’t stay there where Sangeet is not valued. Simar requested Jaya Ji to stop and say’s she was not having any intention to hurt you. Jaya ji said people like you are good luck of the house and soon Gajander will be fine. Simar took her blessings and then she left.

After Jaya ji left Gitanjaali Devi told Simar to go away from here or else it won’t be good for her. Simar left from there without saying anything. Then she started scolding them and says they forgot the rules and regulations of this house. She blames Simar for manipulating everyone. Aarav was trying to say something but Gitanjaali made his mouth shut. Gitanjali Devi curses Simar for doing all these things which were prohibited in this house. Suddenly Gajander lost his consciousness. The neurologist told Gitanjalii Devi that she shouldn’t talk in loud voice in front of him as he can’t handle stress. Gitanjali Devi started arguing with him for blaming her for Gajander’s situation. Rajender whispers and tells Gitanjaali Devi to control her anger as he is the best neurologist in the town. At last, all the family members confessed that today what all happened was planned by everyone.