Shaan Mishra: Everything on this planet can end but stories can’t, before us there were stories, with us there are stories and even after us, there will be stories

Regardless of age, we are becoming too dependent on our mobile phones. Most of us are taking photos, shooting reels and videos anytime, anywhere. Even a meal prompts many to start recording videos or clicking snaps. People sharing selfies taken in restrooms and movie theatres are common. Many are also caught busy on their phones during family gatherings. And, most of this is justified as fun. Social media and technology are like addictions for us. As a generation, we are being driven by something that has no meaning in the larger scheme of things. Abhay actor Shaan Mishra shares his opinion on this trend.

“We are too dependent on our mobile phones and because of that when we go out with our family or friends we can’t do without it or stay away from social media even for a bit,” he continues, “Whenever we meet someone we should spend some quality time with them, make memories and share each other’s journey so that the other person gets warm feeling vibes. And, not spend time with our mobiles.”

On the personal front, whenever Shaan meets someone, he tries to know them better and share about himself because conversations are always two ways.

“Yes picture and videos and clicking selfies are important but there should be a limit. This addiction to phones and social media makes me wonder where this generation is going. Any kind of relationship in the present time gets easily broken because we don’t share our emotions. I believe sharing is caring and we should converse with each other a lot. Everything on this planet can end but stories can never end. Before us there were stories, with us there are stories and even after us there will be stories,” says the actor, who has also been a part of web series’ such as Crime story, Enigmaa, Gandi Baat and Poker.