Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 13 June 2021 Weekly Written Update

The story of Shaurya and Anokhi is quite interesting. Where Shaurya is a man who feels that girls have no career and dreams. Rather, their job is only to do household chores. While the thinking of Anokhi is completely different. According to her, girls also have the right to fetch their dream. And for this reason, she runs away from her home and comes to Chandigarh so that she can get a good education. And right there she meets Shaurya. In the story of Shaurya and Anokhi, it is quite interesting to see how their pair will form when their views are so different. But whatever the audience is appreciative of this story. So let’s see what ups and downs happened in the lives of Shaurya and Anokhi last week.

This week we saw that Ahir explained to Babli that love doesn’t happen consciously. So she should forgive Anokhi and help her. Taiji, Alok saw the rule book in which it is written that there can be no relation between student and teacher. Taiji said that they have to do something as soon as possible. Taiji felt that she made a mistake by sending Shaurya to Patilaya. But Tej said they did nothing wrong. He did not consider Anokhi as his daughter-in-law and wanted to get her out of college. Alok said they should follow the rule. There, Astha and Shaurya shared emotional moments. Shaurya called her mother too.

Anokhi asked Tej why they want to rusticate her. Alok told her that because she breaks the rule and has a relationship with her teacher, which is irresponsible behaviour. Anokhi asserted she is married to Shaurya which is not irresponsible behaviour. She declared if they will try to take her out of this college and then she knows how to use her rights. Tej ordered the warden to throw out Anokhi’s stuff. Reema told all this to Shaurya and Shaurya declared to his family that he will stay with Anokhi.

Shaurya said to Anokhi that he is going to come to her, he will support her. There Astha confronted Shaan as to why he hid that marriage thing from her. He told because the atmosphere at home was not good. Astha said that the atmosphere of that house is always bad but she is happy that Shaurya has taken a big step. Now Tej and Taiji will realize that they cannot control everyone’s life. He nodded in yes. Shaurya came to meet his family before leaving. Shaan told him that he and his mother are proud of him. He gave house keys to him but Shaurya refused to take them. While Tej tried to scare Anokhi saying that he will evict Shaurya from college.


Tej asked Anokhi to leave Shaurya for his happiness. Shaurya is thinking where is Anokhi. Shaurya acted like crazy and Ahir calmed him down. There, Anokhi was in Ahir’s house and Babli asked her to meet Shaurya as he is so worried for her. Anokhi said no. Ahir found out that Anokhi is in his house. So he went to meet her. He said to Anokhi that she did wrong with Shaurya. While Shaurya arrived there. He was crying and begging in front of Ahir to get his Anokhi back. He let him meet Anokhi. Shaurya wanna know why Anokhi hid here. Anokhi said she doesn’t wanna be with him.

Shaurya felt that she is doing all this because of his family. However, Anokhi clarified that it is her own decision. Babli admonished Anokhi for her awful behaviour. Tears started flowing from Anokhi’s eyes. Shaurya told her to look into his eyes and confessed that she doesn’t love him. Anokhi looked into his eyes and shouted that he should go away from here and never meet her. Shaurya whispered fine and went from there. He went into his house and told them that he left Anokhi. Shagun danced in joy. Later Anokhi arrived in college. College students bother her and then she fainted. Shaurya took her home. Then he found out that Anokhi still loves him.