Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani written update 22 July 2021 Shourya suspects the recording of Anokhi

At the beginning of the episode, Devi tells Anokhi that Shourya is feeling embarrassed because of her and ask her to leaves the house before he comes. Shaan tells her that she should go from this house where no one trust her and respects her. Then Anokhi goes to her room and cries while thinking about Shourya and packs her bags. She comes downstairs and about to leave. But Alok indirectly tells her that as she is leaving so she should apologise from him. Then Anokhi says sorry for her mistakes she has done during the rituals and kitchen as a daughter-in-law of this house.

She tells everyone that she is not sorry for the things which she hasn’t done. She says that she never tried to defame Alok chachu. Then she leaves Sabherwal house. Meanwhile, Vineet creates a scene in the society of Ahir and Babli. Babli ask him to don’t create a scene in the society and ask him to leave. He says she wants him to leave so that she can easily live and enjoy with Ahir. He tells her that it is a crime to live with an another man and marry him when a woman is already married.

Then she shows him the divorce papers and ask him to sign them. He says that he will not sign them. Then Babli shows him the pictures of how he beats her and threatens him that she will show this to his family and everyone if she doesn’t sign those papers. She also make him remember what he had done with Shourya and Kanchan in Goa. Then he signs the papers and tells her that he will find a better wife than her and leaves from there. Aashtha tells Anokhi that she has done the right thing by coming here. Anokhi says that she thinks that shourya doesn’t trust her.


Shaan says that he will talk to Shourya. Anokhi says that now she don’t want to go in that house because now it’s enough. She says to Shaan that if Shourya had trusted her, he would have supported her in front of everyone like Shaan did. And now she don’t want to force him to trust her. On the other hand, Shourya ask Devi and Tej that how could they ask Anokhi to go so easily and don’t even tell him about this. Devi says that after what she has done to this family, they don’t want to see her face. Tej says that maybe he is feeling bad but it’s better for us that Anokhi should stay away from this family.

Shourya says that he believes Anokhi more than himself and she can’t do anything like this with anyone. He says that she only stand with truth and fights for her rights, but she can never lie. Tej asks him then what about her recording. Shourya says that they also have the recording of Alok chachu and they only trust Alok but he trust Anokhi. He says that the recording of Anokhi is fabricated. He tells them that now he will return back to this house with proof that Anokhi hasn’t done anything.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Shourya shouts at Priyanka and warns her that if she doesn’t tell the truth then he will take strict actions against her. Then she tells the truth. Alok says that he hasn’t done anything all this was the plan of Shagun.