Simaran Kaur on technology and after effect of pandemic: The future will be a balance between virtual and in-person meetings

Technological advancement has revolutionised our existence. Life, no doubt, has become better. However, it has its side-effects too. In-person meetings and professional socialising have reduced considerably; we have become lazy and mostly communicate via social media, whatsapp. Even phone conversations have reduced. Agar Tum Na Hote actor Simaran Kaur shares her opinion.

“I think technology has always been a boon to society. It has helped us save time and made us more efficient. In my opinion, the pandemic is the reason behind the change in our behaviour. It forced us to work from home and find ways to interact remotely with not just our colleagues but also our family and friends. I think we are still recovering from the impact of it. I believe nothing can replace human interaction and in-person meetings. Even people who love work-from-home would be missing meeting their pals at work, having lunch together and going for tea breaks,” she says.

Our WhatsApp conversations, voice notes, and interactions don’t leave us. We keep thinking about it even after going to bed. Easy accessibility has become our habit and has taken the form of addiction in our lives.

Agreeing, Simaran adds, “Social media and whatsapp are addictive and we are with our phones all the time. But, I think most people would not use their phones when they are interacting with another person. It is a basic human need to socialise. Even with all this access, the younger generation is very outgoing. We love to party, watch soccer matches in clubs, we also love to go out and play sports with our friends and colleagues.”

The actor feels that technology is great and has enhanced human experience. “And, it is for us to decide how we wish to communicate moving forward. I think the future will be a balance between virtual and in-person meetings,” she says.