Sirf Tum 29 November 2021 written update – Ranveer teaches Rishi a lesson

At the beginning of the episode, Riya comes to college and asks Suhani if she is alright. She tells her that she had to go to a party, so she could not come. John and Raghu also come. Washroom door opens and all the boys come out unhurt, followed by Ranveer. Ranveer tells Suhani that there is no need to be scared, as it was just a dance performance. He tells Riya to announce that there will be a dance performance and everyone can watch it.

Vikrant gets furious at Mamta for Ranveer’s behaviour in the party. He says Ranveer did it at Mamta’s behest. He says she is the reason Ranveer hates him. Ranveer’s aunt says how Mamta can be the reason and tells Vikrant not to force Ranveer to join business. Vikram tells her not to speak out of turn. She tells Vikram not to spoil her daughter’s life like hers. She says what was the need to educate their daughter if they are so scared of women being successful. Vikram tells her to shut up.

Dadu comes and rebukes Vikram for raising his voice on his wife. He says Mamta and Roshni are his daughters, not daughters in law. He says he never raised his voice on his wife and he does not expect them to do so either.

Ranveer collects everyone in the campus. Ansh wonders what he is upto. Ranveer announces that there will be a mind-blowing dance performance. Riya tells him not to create a scene, as Suhani is already scared. Suhani starts crying and says she cannot do all this. Ranveer collects her tear and says her eyes should have dream of becoming doctor, not fear. He holds her by hand and asks her to sit on the chair.

He says the performance is happening specially for her. Rishi and other boys dance in front of everyone. Ranveer recalls that he beat the boys and told them to dance in front of everyone. John records their dance. Suhani tells Ranveer to let them go. Ranveer stops them and warns everyone not to harass or rag freshers. He says ragging is banned in college, so whatever he did was right.

Ranveer asks Suhani what she was saying in the morning. Suhani says thank you for helping her in admission and even now. Ranveer asks her not to make him a stranger by saying thanks. Suhani gives him the sweets sent by Sudha. Ranveer asks if he can take all. Suhani says he can take all the PEDA but should return the box. Ranveer takes her by hand and announces to everyone that she is his responsibility, so no-one should bother or disrespect her.

Mamta prepares snacks and tea for Dadu and Roshni. Dadu says he will not give anything to his sons. Roshni tells Mamta to answer back to Vikrant. Dadu tells her to teach Mamta. Dadu and Roshni show Mamta how to answer back to Vikrant. Roshni tells Mamta to stand up for herself, otherwise she will keep getting blamed for Ranveer’s mistakes. Mamta asks her not to blame Ranveer. Dadu says Ranveer is the most capable child of this family.

Sudha comes to pick Suhani at college. She asks Suhani how her day was. Mamta also comes to college. Mamta trips and Suhani supports her.

Episode ends