Sirf Tum 30 November 2021 written update – Rakesh comes to know about Suhani’s ragging?

At the beginning of the episode, Mamta trips and Suhani supports her. Mamta thanks her. Suhani says she is like her mother so no need to thank her. Suhani tells Sudha all that happened in college in the market and praises Ranveer for handling it without any violence. Sudha says she would have made their video and made it viral. Rishi blames Suhani for Ranveer hitting him. He plans to take revenge on her.

Mamta tells Ranveer to apologise to Vikrant or she will not talk to him. Ranveer says he cannot do so. Riya comes and says he must apologise for his mistake. Ranveer asks if she is his friend or a spy. Mamta tells Ranveer that Vikrant does everything for his sake. Ansh watches them.

Rishi and other boys encircle Sudha and Suhani on their bikes. Suhani’s aunt, Kamini and cousin come there and see that Rishi is threatening them with knife. Kamini pokes Rishi with her pin and throws tomatoes on him. Sudha and Suhani tries to stop her. Rishi warns Suhani that he will not leave her and goes from there. Kamini asks what was happening.

Kamini says she must tell Rakesh about all this. Dadi is shocked to hear everything. Kamini looks for Rakesh to tell it all. She asks Dadi why they did not tell that Suhani is studying in co-ed college. She says her daughter, Nikita is very innocent. Dadi says she knows very well how Nikita is.

Ishan tells Suhani to handle things quickly as Rakesh must be coming. Suhani pretends that Sudha’s friend is going to send Dadi’s favourite actor’s handkerchief for her aunt. Sudha says it will come in a few days. Dadi says she wants it. Suhani says if Kamini tells everything to Rakesh, Sudha’s mood will be off. Dadi says it very difficult to convince Kamini. She tells Sudha to give Rs. 10000 that she saved for Suhani’s laptop to mellow her down.

Rakesh comes back home and asks what they are talking about. Kamini sees the money in Sudha’s hands. She takes the money and says she is angry that they never told her but Suhani’s admission. Sudha and Suhani feel relieved. Rakesh says he will get fresh. He tells Nikita to wear DUPATTA and goes. Suhani thanks Kamini and says she will make coffee for her. Kamini says she also wants to hear all about her college.

Ranveer practices how to apologise to Vikrant. Mamta says he acts like a stud in college and is finding it so hard to say a sorry to his father. Ranveer says he cannot do it. Vikrant comes and asks what he cannot do. Mamta tells Ranveer to say sorry. Ranveer says sorry for creating scene in the party.

Mamta tells Ranveer to touch Vikrant’s feet. Ranveer moves ahead but touches Dadu’s feet instead of Ranveer. He apologises to Dadu for embarrassing him front of all the guests. Mamta says sorry for Ranveer’s behaviour. Vikrant goes from there. Ranveer says he cannot say sorry to undeserving people who disrespect and ill-treat women. Dadu laughs and says Ranveer does not leave any chance to upset his father and mother. Ranveer says he does not do it on purpose as he has no control on his heart.

Episode ends