Tarot Card reader Aditya’s prediction success for Vivian Dsena: He is all set to shine again!

As actor Vivian Dsena made a comeback on the tube with Sirf Tum, Tarot Card reader Aditya predicts what the coming times are going to be for the actor. To begin with, according to Aditya, there is success, recognition, progress and self-confidence for Vivian.

“The first that came out, Six Of Wands, is a very positive card for Vivian’s career. It is a card of recognition for all his efforts. As per my previous prediction for him, he’s all set to make it true. In short, he will shine again, feel powerful and self-assured. Big things are coming his way like magic. There are opportunities to make money, invest and climb the career ladder,” says Aditya expressing his good wishes for Sirf Tum.

“His show will be a hit. There is some kind of pull in the show that his audience will connect to. Though there will be some ups and downs in between, the show will do well in the long run. Vivian is going to reclaim his position,” he adds.

Aditya suggests that meditation will help in putting him in the correct alignment to manifest the perfect opportunities.
“I must say he has arrived at a place in his life where he has everything he needs to manifest his dreams and ambitions. The best time is now. Everything that he wants is easily available at his disposal; he just needs to engage his determination and willpower in the right place. I can see his creative projects finally reaching fruition. Abundance is all his and he will be inspiring those around you. He should stay connected to his intuition and follow his passions, and very soon he will reap the rewards of his efforts. November, December, March and April will be very significant months for him,” he says.
Aditya also gives some advice to Vivian while highlighting a few areas of concern. He adds, “The major concern I found while this reading session is around his health. He should avoid overthinking or over analysing situations, be it professional or personal. Since his third eye chakra is over-activated, he might face sleep issues, which can lead to health issues. Pranayama will be good for him as I can see super busy schedules in near future. He should avoid caffeine. Watch out for self-imposed limitations. He will feel stuck if he believes he is, but actually he isn’t. He should keep his plans to himself and should not let success go to his head. If something is keeping him up at night, it may be time to eliminate that source of stress. I wish him good luck, love and Light.”