Teri Meri Dooriyan 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Dooriyan 3rd February 2023 Written Update, Angad while having a shower thinking of Sahiba humiliating him. Santosh says to Babaji that her whole family went against him and complaints to Babaji about it. Santosh after talking to her family decides to commit suicide. Santosh pours Gasoline over herself and tries to light herself on fire with a matchstick but whole family members wrestle with Santosh and take the matchbox away.

Sahiba sees Santosh is not saying anything on the bed. Sahiba assures Santosh that everything will happen according to what she wants. Ajith also says to Santosh you always thought of me as an enemy and reminds Santosh how she supported him at their dark time and asks how can she do this. Santosh says what else can she do as they are thinking of destroying her dreams. Sahiba encourages and assures Santosh that their dreams will come true. Seerat thinks of Garry. Seerat thinks if she told her family that she doesn’t love Angad then earthquake will happen in this house. Santosh says to Ajith and Sahiba that the Brar’s family know about their family situation and they still want to do marriage with us. Ajith and Sahiba get surprised hearing this. Santosh begs Ajith to say yes to this marriage. Ajith seeing Santosh agrees to the marriage.

Jasleen gets massaged from Nitu and talks with her. Jasleen praises her massage. Nitu asks Jasleen if it is true that they are going today to fix match for Angad. Jasleen says yes. Nitu asks Jasleen why is she this happy for Angad? Jasleen says because the girl’s family doesn’t act as if they are rich but they are really poor. Nitu thinks with what is her profit? Jasleen says if they have to move forward some people have to face the loss. Seerat decides to tell Santosh about Garry. Seerat gets a call from Sudhaji and tells Santosh about it. Santosh thinks to herself. Sudha will call as she gave a missed call to he sister. Ajith asks Santosh why did Sudha call now? Santosh makes up a reason and takes the call. Santosh takes the call and say to Sudha about the Brar’s about wanting to marry Seerat. Santosh pleads Sudha for her help. Sudha agrees.

Ajith and Sahiba think of how to arrange the money for the marriage. Sahiba advices Ajith to break her and Seerat’s fixed deposit accounts. Seerat doesn’t agree to break her fixed deposit accounts. Ajith scolds Seerat and asks her to thik of others for once. Santosh says to the whole family that Sudha is happy and they will welcome the Brar’s to Sudha’s house. Ajith doesn’t agree to it at first but later agrees to it.

Precap – Jabjyot to say if everything is alright then they will do the pre engagement ceremony. Manveer asks Jabjyot about it. Jabjyot says they should not delay to do a good thing.

Santosh tells Ajith and Sahiba to get in the car. Sahiba says she will not come as Angad doesn’t like her and says knows Seerat is his sister then he will say no to the marriage.

Garry calls Seerat and says there is an international fashion show and invites Seerat as a chief guest but later acts like he forgot that she has an important function in her house.