The Union budget is all set to be announced and these celebrities share their expectations from the same for the entertainment industry!

Subuhii Joshii
I think the entertainment tax must be reduced. We see that whenever a patriotic movie is released, they keep reasonable ticket prices or remove the tax, but for the rest of the movies, the ticket prices go up. I think for every movie, the taxes should be reduced so everyone can enjoy it. Our industry is going through a lot of crunches post Covid. With OTT, fewer people are going to theatres, so tax should be reduced. Also, the tax on food prices in theatres should be taken care of like even a water bottle is so expensive which is so unfair. The prices of food in theatres are a lot and it should definitely be reduced.

Pranitaa Pandit
Granting infrastructure status to the media industry. The media industry wants to be granted infrastructure status. This is going to make it easy for the industry to get financial credits and avail of tax incentives from the government. Entertainment industry needs to be taken more seriously as it does contribute in giving a wide variety of employment opportunities and the TV industry has daily soaps and reality shows which give employment to plenty.

Sneha Jain
Films are a source of entertainment. There’s no substitute for Movie going experience. But the food items increase the cost of movie going experience and often the food items are more expensive than the ticket prices. So maybe in theatres we can have better discounts for the food items served.

Simaran Kaur
The ticket prices in the theatre should be reduced, which can happen with the deduction in entertainment tax. Going to films is still a larger than life experience and the example is Pathaan. So films are an emotion and the entertainment industry is one of the biggest industries in India and we must make it more affordable to the common man.