Udaariyaan 3 August 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Jasmine says that she dropped her Canada dream for the good of Tejo. Nimmo insults Jasmine and inquires as to whether the Canada fellow took off. Gurpreet admonishes Nimmo. Jasmine says that Tejo lotted for herself and she got a valuable chance to reimburse it so she will not leave her hand that opportunity. She says that some will have a hard time believing her, yet she couldn’t care less and doesn’t have any desire to demonstrate to anybody. She says that she will remain in this house and Amrik’s kid will be brought into the world in this house. Tejo cries hearing this. Virk gets cheerful. Fateh questions Jasmine’s expectations. Biji embraces Jasmine and favors her.

Jasmine heard Satti and Tejo’s discussion about Tejo being barren and taking on a child. Tejo embraces Jasmine. She says that Jasmine doesn’t have to forfeit her fantasy for her. Jasmine says that it’s difficult for her, yet she needs to attempt. Jasmine says that she has a condition. She says that Tejo ought to assume the liability of this youngster and care for her. Tejo gestures yes and embraces Jasmine. Jasmine sneers checking Fateh out. Fateh embraces Tejo and considers shielding Tejo and their family from Jasmine.

Simran is on a video call. She says that the secret individual has their photographs. She says that he is observing them inside and outside the house. She is terrified and requests that he get back home soon. He says that he has some significant work and guarantees to get back soon. She encourages all her windows and entryway to shut.

At the Sandhu’s Satti and Rupy examine Jasmine’s choice of remaining at the Virks. Rupy questions Jasmine’s expectations and says that he has zero faith in her. He says that Jasmine isn’t magnanimous to give her child to the Virk. He says that Jasmine should have a secret thought process behind her demonstration.

Jasmine is cheerfully moving onto the patio. She says that she can make all follow her lead utilizing her child. Fateh is stressed over Jasmine’s attendance at home. He considers continuously watching out for her. Tejo brings Fateh’s number one ginger tea. Fateh and share the tea and have it. Tejo communicates her satisfaction with Jasmine’s choice.

Fateh demands Tejo contemplate reception. Tejo guarantees him that she will, yet for the present, she needs to deal with Jasmine. She says that they together to track down an answer. Tejo requests that Fateh drop off her at Simran’s home as she needs to return Candy’s toy furthermore Simran was concerned when they meet last time. Fateh is glad that the caring Tejo is back.

Tejo meets Simran and asks what siblings her. Simran says that nothing serious and she and Buzzo can figure it out. Tejo tells Simran to go to the Virks house as Buzzo isn’t at home. Candy additionally demands. Simran concurs. Later at the Virks a strange shows up. He lauds Tejo’s excellence and offers a rose bouquet. Tejo cautions him for his bad conduct. He goes in. Tejo asks him who is and requests to get out.

The man asserts that this is his home and all know him. He requests to see Simran and says that she will apologize for her conduct after that. Tejo asks how he is connected with Simran. All of a sudden Simran comes and gets stunned at seeing the man. The man inquires as to whether he didn’t perceive her. He says that he utilized an application to change his voice so she probably won’t perceive his voice. Simran says Amanpreet and looks on terrified. Amanpreet holds Simran’s hand. Tejo cautions him for getting rowdy and requests to move away. He obliges. He strolls near Simran talking. Tejo safeguards Simran and requests that he get out.

Fateh comes asking Tejo what occurred. He stands stunned seeing the man. Other relatives additionally come and Amanpreet acts up with all. Fateh lashes out when he holds Mahi’s hand. He shares with Fateh to give him a treat to wed a lovely young lady and sits on the lounge chair. Tejo asks Fateh who is that man who is getting rowdy with all. The man says that he is Amanpreet and he is Candy’s dad.