Why Ankit Gupta’s one liner was the star of Bigg Boss last week!

While actor Ankit Gupta might not be someone who is screaming and shouting needlessly in the house, he surely knows how to play the game! And he does so very well!

Recently, in a task where Nimrit Ahluwalia had to rate everyone on the basis of their involvement in the house, she ranked Ankit last. And while the rest of the housemates shouted, objecting to each and every rank that they were given, Ankit was calm. He was calm until he said his one liner, commenting on how the others should be ashamed on themselves because despite maintaining his composure, he managed to reach here, getting nominated only once!

While he instantly received applause by the other housemates, superstar host Salman Khan also pointed this one liner out! He warned the other contestants and spoke about Ankit’s progress!

Meanwhile, we saw Ankit shine this week. Not only was he involved with everything in the house, he also made sure to show us his sensitive side.