Udaariyaan 18 May 2022 written update: Tejo returns to India

The episode starts with Jasmine remembering Amrik’s accident. Fateh asked why she haven’t packed her stuff yet. Jasmine says she doesn’t want to go because everyone will blame her. She told him to go alone and tell everyone that she is lost. On the other hand, Mahi was getting bullied by the college boys. She saw Abhiraj recording videos of girls and took his phone. Abhiraj says he is taking campaign shots and everyone is not the same. Mahi thought Fateh and Amrik can only find that boy.

Fateh was convincing Jasmine to go back to India. Suddenly Taniya comes there with her luggage. Fateh asked what happened? Taniya says she will go with them. Fateh asks what’s this new drama. Jasmine told Fateh that she requested her to go with them. Fateh prays to God for everyone’s emotions.

Gurpreet was cooking Tejo’s favorite food. She told Mahi not to talk about that video because Fateh had called Sandhu’s too. On the other hand, Rupy was not willing to go there but Dadi convinced him to go there. Abhiraj thought if Mahi got any proof against him.

Fateh, Jasmine, and Taniya land’s Punjab. Jasmine told them to go alone or else everyone will blame her. Fateh says he won’t be able to handle everything alone please let’s go. Taniya says she is scared if anything goes wrong. Fateh said nothing will happen just keep quiet if she doesn’t get anything.

Sandhu’s and Vrick’s were waiting for their arrival. Satti asked Gurpreet if anything is there which she knows. Gurpreet says there is big news for her just wait for a little. Fayeht was thinking no one can take Tejo’s place but he had to do this. Jasmine was explaining to Taniya how to react in front of them. Taniya says she will try her best so no one doubts.

Fateh, Jasmine, and Taniya arrived at Vrick’s house. He told Taniya not to be over-smart. Simran gets happy to see Fateh. As soon as Taniya stepped inside the house everyone got shocked. They were not able to believe that Tejo is still alive. Gurpreet hugged Taniya and say after she went off everything was boring. Satti touches Taniya to confirm she is alive. She cries hugging her. Rupy says she is not his Tejo.