Aneesha Madhok on delay in solving Sushant Singh Rajput death case: Even though we don’t have any concise answers right now I don’t want to give up hope

Remembering her friend, late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, actor Aneesha Madhok says that his absence still feels unreal. Rajput reportedly died by suicide on June 14 last year. His fans, family and industry colleagues have been rallying towards finding out the reason behind his demise. Aneesha, who will be seen in the Hollywood project Bully High soon, was also one of them. However, a year has passed since then, and there is still no closure. CBI is investigating the case. Many feel that unlike earlier times, people have become less vocal about rallying for his justice.

“With a heavy heart, all I can say is that his death had traumatized the country and sparked several debates. Even though we don’t have any concise answers right now I don’t want to give up hope. I am a firm believer of balance in nature and justice. I urge all his fans to carry on his legacy. He had a to-do list and we can all come together to fulfill that, be it planting trees, studying astrophysics, delving into researches that interested him, working hard on our artistic endeavors etc,” she says.


Addressing Sushant as her friend, philosopher and guide, Aneesha adds that he was the only person till date who she could “have conversations about intersected physics, philosophy, psychology, acting and statistics”. She recalls how amazing those conversations were.

“I’m a Gemini and he was an Aquarius- you can only imagine how intellectual our conversations would go. Through Sushant I had the pleasure of meeting his close friends Kushal Zaveri and Siddharth Gupta  who are nice people and I am inspired by them as well. Kushal is very hardworking and together we are working on a very inspiring project on Sushant. We hope to take our dear friend’s legacy forward with utmost respect,” she shares.