Sshrey Parekh on playing Saahil in Qurbaan Hua: Keeping the grey inside and portraying a genuine guy is difficult, but I’m enjoying it

Sshrey Parekh says his character Saahil in the show Qurbaan Hua is multidimensional. And characters like this require a lot more preparation. He is happy as an artist to have been getting the opportunity to portray such interesting roles.

“Saahil is like no other character. He is someone who wears different masks with ease which makes it difficult for other people to understand who he actually is. Keeping the grey inside and portraying a genuine guy is difficult but I am enjoying it. This character is not at all like me, but this dissimilarity is also a bonus because that allows me to understand a different kind of personality altogether,” he says, whose favourite show till date is Dil ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane. The character he played in it was very similar to him in real life and there he could really connect with the same.

Conscious about the kind of roles he accepts, the actor adds, “I always try to choose different characters. There is no charm in doing the same thing. I want to explore something new every time. I usually go for the story, script, production house and team involved in making the show. Content for me matters more than anything else.”


Sshrey feels that TV actors often don’t have the luxury of variety unlike film actors and therefore they need to be careful. “We usually play one character in a show that continues for a long period of time. Till that ends we can’t take up anything else, that’s the format. This also leads to actors getting stereotyped easily on TV. It’s not because the audience gets used to seeing you in a particular role but at times actors too take up similar roles to be on the safer side. So variations are possible on TV as well. One must have the intention,” he adds.