Anupama 16 May 2022 written update: Anuj, Anupama feels blessed!

At the beginning of the episode, Anuj tells Anupama that he would cook for a few days a week. Samar says because of him we all men need to suffer. Kinjal asks Toshu to learn something. Anupama says she is lucky to have him who understands her importance. She gets emotional and thank Anuj for giving so much respect. Anuj wipes out her tears. Everyone applies haldi to Anupama.

Anuj asks Samar what happened? He says they didn’t come. Suddenly Kiner’s came to give blessings to them. Anuj gives them Shagun but they said at friends’ weddings we don’t take money. Anupama feeds them, sweets. After they left Kanta said people are coming to bless without any relationship but people who knows for long years have forgotten.

Malvika says let’s go. Anuj said to hold for a minute. Malvika says this man doesn’t want to go far from Anupama. Anupama and Anuj thank everyone for making this day special for them. They appreciated their efforts for making this day memorable. Anuj thanked the kids for accepting him. Anupama says people will be lucky to have a family like this who wants to start their life again. Hamusk says the doctor asked me to stay happy and they are making him emotional. Everyone laughs.

Malvika showed Shagun stuff of Anupama. Kinjal says we have also brought Shagun for Anuj. Gk says they don’t need to give anything. Samar says ut should be equally both the sides. Anuj said he will be marrying to Anupama but for kid’s, he will be like a buddy. Anupama whispers thank you.

Malvika says let’s go don’t give sad vibes. Later Leela was thinking everything gets done as soon as possible. Suddenly Anupama came into the kitchen and hugged Leela. She told her that she wants her to come and give blessings to her. She asks if she is not happy in her happiness. Anupama says she will be gone from here so let her go happily from this house. She told Leela that she will be waiting for her at the wedding.

Kinjal feels pain in her stomach. Anupama told her not to panic because the baby is kicking. Pakhi says it means the baby will be s footballer. Anupama says she used to kick a lot when she was in the womb. Kinjal says she doesn’t know anything about all this. Pakhi gets emotional. Anupama adkt what happened? Pakhi says she realized how a mother cares for the child.

Vanraj asks why she is so happy about Anupama’s wedding. Kavya says she doesn’t have anything to get happy so she is enjoying this wedding. Vanraj says people will laugh at her. Kavya told Vanraj to be happy for her. She told him that she deserves all happiness as many women are starving for this kind of happiness. Kinjal was telling Anupama that she wants her time when she will give birth to the child. She told Anupama that her baby should be like her.

Episode end’s

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