Anupama 18 May 2022 written update: Maan’s grand day!

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama was telling her kid’s to stay properly after she goes from here. They say don’t worry we will manage. Toshu told her to focus on her new life which is going to start. Pakhi say live the life to the fullest. Anupama gets ready for her wedding. everyone praised her for looking so beautiful. On the other hand Anuj was also getting ready. Gk say at last he is getting married to Anupama. Anupama recalls how people use to curse her second wedding. Anuj was excited for his marriage.

Samar say’s finally mom is getting married. Kavya tells Vanraj to get ready and come as she also helped him to marry her. Shah’s were ready to welcome the groom. Samar got a message from Devika that they are about to come. Hasmuk was thinking if Leela would be there then it would be too good.

Barati arrives at the venue. Anuj was also dancing with them. Kanta and Hasmuk invite the guests. Anuj seeks there blessings. Rakhi say Leela should do the aarti. Kanta said she would be happy if she does this but she is not present here. Anuj say do the aarti fast he can’t wait to come inside. Kinjal say he is very excited. Anuj say he wolt not stop if anyone plots land mines. Kanta was about to do the aarti but Leela takes the plate and does the aarti. Neighborhood people also came to bless Anupama.

Anupama was ready and pray to god before going to stage. Anuj was waiting for Anupama at the stage. He asked someone to go and bring her. Kinjla say he will get shocked to see her. Anuj say he is ready to get fainted just call her. Samar say if he is so much excited then we should call her.

Anupama enters with grand entry and girls dancing around her. Anuj was happy to see her. Anupama slowt comes towards Anuj. Anupama’s son let her walk on there palms to the stage. Anupama came to stage and feels little shy. Dolly say’s she is too much shy. Anupama say why she can’t express her happiness. Anupama performs a dance along with Anuj. Everyone claps for them.

Upcoming story: Anupama and Anuj exchanges garland.

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