Anupama written update 15 May 2022 weekly

Last week, Mika decided to sing Anupama’s favorite song. Devika says she already told Anuj that Anupama likes Mika’s songs. Mika along with everyone groves on the song ( Savan Mae Lag Gayi Aag). Vanraj was standing still and willing to talk with Anuj. At last, Mika blessed the couple and say now he has to find his better half. Everyone wishes him luck for his swayamvar. Before leaving Mika to ask Anuj why he didn’t introduce him to Vanraj. Rakhi was about to say that he is Anupama’s ex-husband but Hasmuk introduced him as his son.

Vanraj took Anuj far somewhere and stops the car. Samar was telling Anupama to clam down and drink water. Devika get’s into an argument with Rakhi. Samar say why Vanraj can’t see Anupama’s happiness. Rakhi say he might be having intentions to stop this marriage. Anupama grows anxious. Anuj tells Vanraj to do what he wants to do. Vanraj said everything is mine. Anuj says Anupama is mine and don’t try to rule over her. Vanraj say his kids are his only. Everyone was trying to call Vanraj. Rakhi was wisgint if they had a fight in the house only. Suddenly she came across Hasmuk’s report. Vanraj tells Anuj that he is taking about his kid’s which are his only.

Anuj and Vanraj came back home. Anupama asks where they went off? Anuj said he wants to talk about something important that’s it. Later Anuj told Anupama that today Vanraj was speaking sensibly. Anuj says he felt good to see people worrying for him as he doesn’t have enough family members. Anupma said he had earned all of them. She asks Anuj to call his family members. Anuj said he thought of calling them but then he didn’t call them. Anuj acknowledge her how his relatives were busy with their work and didn’t get time to create a strong bond.

Anupama was worried for Hasmuk. Anuj ask Gk if he knows everything. Gk said he had promised not to say anything. Anuj say everyone will get to know as they have the test reports. Vanraj say why he didn’t let us know about the test reports. Anuj says GK knows everything. Gk said he promised him not to reveal to anyone. Vanraj screams at Gk for hiding this from everyone. Anuj gets into an argument with Anuj. Gk request them not to argue anymore. Vanraj blames Anuj and Anupama for Hasmuk’s condition. He says why they stopped continue there dance. Leela said she won’t forgive anyone if anything happens to him.

Rakhi gets emotional seeing Hasmuk’s sacrifice. She can also do anything for hee daughter. Anupama and Anuj make him understand that they can’t marry in this situation. Hasmuk say nothing won’t happen to him and after marriage he will get the treatment. He tells Anupama that anything could happen to him during treatment and he don’t want to losee the chance of Kanyadan. Anupama took a promise that he will take care of himself. Hasmuk say let’s enjoy it’s his daughters marriage.

Anupama talked with the doctor and got to know that he can start the operation after a few days. The doctor told them to take care he shouldn’t exhaust. Samar says cool dude won’t dance. The doctor told them not to worry just to take care of him. Hasmuk asked everyone to smile as now the doctor also said he is fine. Anupama says he will take extra care and he will raise his hand just for giving blessings. He told them to take all the responsibility for the Haldi function. Kids decided that we will go to the venue for the Haldi function. Hasmukh was very happy about the wedding.

Anuj say now it’s Anupama turn. Malavika says he just wants an excuse to come close to Anupama. Leela says don’t she feel shame to talk about all this in front of her. Malavika says she looks so young. Leela says sometimes she speaks the truth. Everyone laughs. Anuj say Anupama is like Annapurna for him. Kids appreciate Anupama’s hard work for them. Anupama get’s emotional. All of them join hands in front of Anupama. Anuj says everywhere three is a one-day leave so why can’t they get a leave from the kitchen. He promised Anupama that he will be helping her equally in the kitchen

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Anupama”.

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