Banni Chow Home Delivery 22 June 2022 written update: Dadosa stops Hemant from taking Yuvan

In the beginning of the episode, Hemant says to Yuvan that he has to come with them to Delhi. Yuvan starts crying and says that he won’t leave Dadosa. Hemant tries to get him in the car, Yuvan says to him that he can’t leave the house as his mother is in this house. Hemant gets upset at him and says that his mother is dead and Manini is his mother, Yuvan starts crying and holds Bani’s hand and says that he won’t leave. Manini thinks to herself that why did Dadosa not come to stop them, she says that for her plan to succeed it’s important that Dadosa stops them.


Bani gets upset and goes inside, Dadosa says to his wife that now only they will be left in this house alone, and their grandson will be gone. Bani says to him that why is he not trying to stop Yuvan from leaving, Dadosa cries. Bani asks him if he knew from before that Yuvan was going to leave, he says yes. Bani says to hk then he should have told her early so that she would have not made friendship with Yuvan, so that she won’t get hurt.


Dadosa comes outside and stands in front of the car, and asks them to not leave. He says that they can get Yuvan married whoever they want to but not take him away from him. Hemant comes out of the car and says now he should let them go as today he is saying yes but then again he’ll change. Manini says to Hemant that he is being rude to Dadosa as he will not turn as he always keeps his words. Hemant says to Dadosa that this is his Manini who still wants the family to be together, and says whatever she wants will happen.


Yuvan in his room rests on Dadosa’s lap. He asks him when he will grow up, Dadosa asks how all of sudden he is asking this. He says he wants to grow up so that no one can order him around and listen to him when he says something. He says to him that he doesn’t like Niyati and doesn’t want to marry her, Dadosa thinks to himself that he also doesn’t like Niyati because he doesn’t trust Manini’s decision.


Banni talks to her brother and says that she feels sad that today Yuvan could have been snatched from Dadosa. She says and now he’ll be married, her brother asks but if Yuvan is getting married why is she worried. She says that she had made a connection with Yuvan that she can’t break, and he’s her first friend and doesn’t want to lose him after his marriage. Meanwhile, Manini and Niyati celebrate the win. Niyati praises Manini for how well she convinced Dadosa for the wedding, Manini says they still have a lot to do. She says that after the wedding she has to stay with Yuvan for 1 year and then she’ll get the property and their deal will finish.


Upcoming- Banni challenges Niyati that if she is able to feed Yuvan the food, she will leave the house and won’t return any day. Niyati goes to Yuvan’s room with the food, and he’s about to take a bite.