Anupama 22 June 2022 written update: Barkha manipulates Anuj

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj was asking Anupama what happened? She was crying in front of Vanraj. Anuj said Kinjal and her baby is fine. Everyone feels relaxed after hearing this. Ankush asks why she is crying. Anuj says she is feared because she is a mother. Anupama says sorry. Vanraj shouted at Anupama. Anuj tells Vanraj to calm down he won’t bear this in his house. Ankush said he need to learn many things as first he misbehaved with my wife now Anuj.

Vanraj blames Anupama for being careless after coming into this big house. Anuj was telling Vanraj not to cross the limit or else he will in a big loss. Vanraj said his grandchild was at risk and you all think this is a small matter. Anuj said we accept but it was not Anupama’s mistake. Hasmuk tells them not to argue anymore. Anupama was taking Kinjal inside but Vanraj said he won’t let them stay here anymore. He said from now no one will come to this house from his side.

Kinjal tells Vanraj that she wants to stay with Anupama. Anupama tells Hasmuk that now she won’t be careless. Vanraj said tomorrow he wants his daughter-in-law safely in his house. Anupama and Samar was with Kinjal. Samar was telling Hasmusk what will happen when Leela will get to know all this from Vanraj. Hasmukh says he is feared of losing everything.

Barkha came and apologies to Kinjal. Kinjal apologies for Vanraj’s behavior. She tells her to ring the bell if she wants anything. Samar tells her not to worry he is with Kinjal. Anupama came downstairs. Anuj asks if everything is fine. Anupama said she is sleeping now. Barkha says she shouldn’t travel now as she is heavily pregnant now. Anuj said she is right or else Vanraj will not leave a chance to blame her.

Vanraj came back home drinks water. Pakhi was a little scared of him. He scolds Pakhi for going there. Pakhi said it was just an accident. Vanraj tells her to shut up. Barkha tells Anupama that Anuj is right. She tells Anupama that he shouldn’t behave like this with her. Anuj said it would be better that we leave her back at Vanraj’s house.

Upcoming – Anuj tells Anupama to stop defending Vanraj. Anupama says she won’t distance children because of our fight.

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