Banni Chow Home Delivery 23 June 2022 written update: Manini’s plan to get rid of Banni

At the beginning of the episode, Banni teaches Yuvan how to dance. Yuvan says sorry to her and helps her to stand up. Then she smiles and asks Yuvan to give love to Niyati. Manini and Niyati come there. Manini asks what are they doing in a closed room? Banni says she is teaching him to propose to her and you spoiled the surprise he is arranging for you. Niyati says she can teach him and takes Banni with her forcefully. Manini throws the heart symbol from Yuvan.

Niyati tells Banni that her intentions are not good. Banni says he is like a little kid in her eyes and asks her to stop accusing her. Niyati says he is a grown-up man and she will have kids with him. Banni tells her that she has to win Yuvan with friendship and he doesn’t know about romance. Then she says that she doesn’t have time to argue with her because she has to leave to give food to others. Dadosa asks what happened? Niyati complains to Dadosa about Banni. Banni challenges Niyati to successfully feed Yuvan in front of her and then she will not visit Yuvan’s house and if she fails to do it she will come here to feed him food. Niyati accepts the challenge.

Manini goes to Yuvan’s room and tells him that Banni is hurt and went to Doctor to eat with Niyati’s hand. Yuvan refuses. Manini tells him that Banni can never be able to cook food if she feeds him with an injured hand and Banni asked him to eat food with Niyati’s hand. Yuvan agrees to eat from Niyati’s hand. Manini messages Niyati to not let Banni come in front of Yuvan. Niyati takes the plate of food from Banni and asks her to see from outside how she feeds food to Yuvan. Dadosa thinks he has to see this. Niyati tries to feed food to Yuvan. Yuvan asks Niyati when Banni will return from Doctor? Niyati says tomorrow she will come. Dadosa asks Banni to hear what is going on.

Yuvan hears Payal’s sound and says Banni is here. Yuvan says Banni is here and he tries to go out but Niyati stops him. Yuvan pushes her. Banni and Manini and Dadosa come there. Yuvan asks Banni where she got injured? He says that his new mother told him that she was injured. Manini scolds Yuvan. Banni asks him to apologize to Niyati. Yuvan says he will apologize after eating food. Manini says he won’t get food if he didn’t apologize. Banni says she wants her to leave from here that’s why she is planning against her. She says she will come here regularly to feed food to Yuvan.

Upcoming story – Devraj, his sister, and Mahira feels Banni is right for Yuvan and they think it as a sign of god when she enters inside leaving her foot marks of kumkum.