Anupama 23 June 2022 written update: Anuj tells Anupama to stay away from the Shah family.

At the beginning of the episode, Anuj tells Anupama that he can’t resist anyone talking like this with his wife. He requests her to stay away from Shah’s for a few days. Anupama says Kinjal is pregnant and she will handle Vanraj. Anuj says like previously she did 24 year’s. He tells her that no one can’t handle him and after this he didn’t want to see Vanraj’s face. Vanraj scolds Pakhi for going there. She argues with Vanraj that it was just an accident. Vanraj said she will not go there and this is final. Pakhi goes into her room. Vanraj says my children are not willing to stay in this house anymore. Thet are feeling suffocated in this house.

Anupama tells Anuj that at this time Kinjal needs her most. Anuj said why she can’t understand that Anuj is attacking her weakens. Anuj said stop defending Vanraj. Anupama says why she would defend him and it’s not easy to be normal after meeting him. Anuj says he just wants to keep her far from that toxic man. He loves hee family same but he doesn’t want to give any chance to Vanraj to insult her. Anupama say she cant distance children because of Vanraj. Vanraj was thinking we are so much into each other after getting divorced. Anuj tells Anupama to take stand for herself if he is not there for her. He goes into her room.

Barkha tell Anupama that Anuj is right and no one stops Vanraj. Sara says at least stop this and end this topic. Barkha says sometimes its necessary to speak as she cares for them. She manipulates Anupama against her family. Anupama leaves from there. Ankush tells Barkha she shouldn’t interrupt them. Sara said Vanraj’s behavior was justified as we gave him the reason to get angry. Anukh said she is right. Anupama came into her room. She sat beside Anuj and he hugged her.

Kavya was telling Pakhi not to cry. She tells her to understand Vanraj once. Pakhi says Vanraj is feeling jealous of Anupama. Kavya say she is in angry now so she will talk to her tomorrow. Pakhi get’s a text from Adhik. Anuj tells Anupama not to mind this argument and that he is sorry for his words. He tells her that he can’t see tears in her eyes. Anupama says he is correct at his side.

Upcoming- Barkha tells Anupama not to mind all these such things happen in life. Anupama tells her that she gave the interior bill to Gk but there is some mistake in it

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