Barrister Babu 17 June 2021 Spoiler – Thakuma’s goons beat Anirudh

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Thakuma will give a drug to Bondita because of which Bondita will lose her senses. Later Asirvad ritual we begin and Anirudh will arrive at the temple along with Trilochan so that he can stop the ritual. However, Thakuma’s goons will beat Anirudh, still Anirudh won’t give up and will try to bring Bondita to her senses.

Let’s see what will Bondita do now? Will she hate Thakuma?

Up till now, Bondita wonders where is the girl whom these people are coming to see here. She asks Thakuma about it and Thakuma lies that she also does not where that girl is. She asks Bondita to handle the guests till that girl arrives. Bondita is ready to do that and Thakuma gives some sweets to her and asks her to fetch these for guests. Bondita nods and goes from there. Guests are amazed to see the beauty of Bondita. They praise her. Thakuma too praises Bondita a lot and asks her to sing bhajan for them. She wonders why Thakuma is praising her. Then the guests say that they like Bondita a lot and now they are ready to accept Bondita as their daughter in law. Bondita is shocked to know this. She turns towards Thakuma and wants to talk to her. Thakuma excuses herself and goes with Bondita. She wants to know why Bondita wants to meet her. Bondita asks why she did that to her. Why she lied to her. She adds that She doesn’t wanna get married. Tupur tells this thing to Anirudh. Later Anirudh gets the admission form of Bondita which came from London.


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