Bhagya Lakshmi 12 January 2022 written update – Lakshmi’s search for a job

At the beginning of the episode, Rishi tells Ayush that his decision was right and it was destiny. He says he regretted that Lakshmi saw them, but she did worse to him in return. He blames Lakshmi for not picking his call and says he does not care about her anymore. Rishi sees Lakshmi’s toothbrush in the washroom and imagines her there. He misses her and remembers what she said to him.

Lakshmi goes out to look for a job. Preetam blesses her and wishes her the best. Lakshmi struggles to find an auto to reach the interview venue. A car stops in front of her and Rishi is there. Lakshmi looks again and it is someone else. Lakshmi berates herself for thinking about Rishi too much. She sees couples on road and misses Rishi.
Malishka greets Kiran happily and says a weight has been lifted off her head. Kiran is relieved to see her happy. Malishka calls Rishi and asks how she is. Rishi apologises to her for his behaviour to her. Malishka says it is alright and she has planned a surprise for him. Rishi hesitates but Malishka insists that he comes to her at 6 pm. She says they should make a fresh start as Lakshmi’s chapter is over now. Rishi agrees. Kiran tries to talk to Malishka but Malishka tells her not to give her any stress for one day. Malishka says in a way, whatever happened was good for all three for them.

Lakshmi reaches the venue and waits for her turn. Interviewer asks about her experience and rejects her saying that this is not a training centre. Lakshmi goes for the next interview. The person says he was curious to know as she is Rishi’s wife. He says he will make an opportunity for her if she can place him in touch with Rishi. Lakshmi goes from there. She gets rejected in other places too.

Lakshmi comes out of the venue and Rishi is also there. They pass each other without looking but sense each other’s presence. As they turn, there is a small accident on road and Rishi does not see her. Rishi talks to the person but goes back to look for Lakshmi. Lakshmi is gone by then. Lakhsmi sits in a park looking for vacancies. She calls another place where they are looking for interns. Lakshmi agrees to go there even if the salary is less. Some senior citizens are exercising in the park and one of the men gets a heart attack. Lakshmi stops to help him.

Karishma tells Soniya that Neelam has gone to Lakshmi’s house to bring her back, as Pandit ji said Rishi’s life is in danger for next seven days. Neelam called Rishi to come back home too. Neelam tells Rano that she wants to take Lakshmi back. She calls for Lakshmi and looks around the house. Shalu remembers that they all knew about Rishi and Malishka.

Episode ends