Binaiferr Kohli: If you want to see a great movie then, it has to be in the theatre

Producer Binaiferr Kohli has mixed feelings when it comes to comparing traditional theatre experience with the modern viewing technologies such as extended reality, with the amalgamation of VR, and AR, and Mixed Reality. The producer, who is known for her show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, says that theatre still offers that original thrill of watching a film, which is unmatched.

“The amalgamation of VR and AR and mixed reality is different from a theatre experience. You cannot take away the due that theatre experience has. If you want to see a great movie then, it has to be in the theatre,” she says.

However, the producer adds that multiple platforms for content available at your fingertips, might deter people from going frequently to the theatres. “VR and AR, along with well-designed digital dome theatres, will bring people back to the theatre industry and give a new boost to the film industry. However, with the on-going platforms and TV, in the future I think cinema will be there but I don’t know how much it will be in theatres. I mean, the experience of going to the theatre was great. We would all dress up and go to the theatres. Now everything is at a click of a finger, on the TV screen, in front of you. Also, what you get in theatres, you don’t get at home. But I don’t know how much people want to dress up and go out during these times, especially going to the cinema hall, where there are other people,” she says.

Ask her if the arrival of Metaverse will change the dynamics of the future movie-watching experience, and she says, “I don’t think metaverse can envelop people. I cannot relate to the metaverse and so I am sure my generation will not relate to it. I don’t even want to go down to that lane or try to experience it. I seem to be not interested at all.”