Kumkum bhagya 14 June 2021 Spoiler – Pradeep exposes Tanu

In the next episode we will see that, Pradeep agrees to go with Pragya. Tanu tells the judge that everyone is trying to defame her. She shouts at Pradeep. Pragya ask her to stop scaring Pradeep. Then the judge ask Pradeep if he knows Tanu. He tell him that he knows her very well and also she has cheated him.

Will Pradeep expose whole the truth of Tanu in front of judge.

Up till now
Abhi greets Judge and Ranbir arrives at the farmhouse with drunk Pradeep. When Pragya says to Ranbir to bring Pradeep before the judge once he gets sober, Alia advices that they should focus on her and Abhi’s wedding first. Alia puts the unconscious Tanu in Rhea’s room. Soon the bride arrives at the mandap. When Mr. Singhania comes he insist on seeing Tanu’s face, but Alia manages the situation. Soon after the wedding ceremony is complete. The overjoyed Abhi lifts the veil of the bride and is shocked to see Tanu. Then Tanu Winks at Alia and Mitali laughs. Later, it is revealed that Alia betrayed Abhi for property and buisness. Abhi ask Alia where is Pragya. Alia tells him that she has no clue what happened with Pragya. Then Abhi goes to Pragya’s room and tells her that he got married with Tanu. Pragya tells him that someone had come to her room and made her fall unconscious. Then she goes to Pradeep and begs him to reveal the truth of Tanu in front of judge.


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