Kumkum bhagya 16 June 2021 Spoiler -Pragya gets to know that Alia betrayed them

In the next episode we will see that, Pragya get to know about Alia and tells her that she will get her and Mitali out of the house. Tanu taunts Pragya, then Rhea ask her to ignore Tanu the way she does.

Will Pragya tell Abhi that how Alia betrayed him?

Up till now
Tanu ask Abhi to start things afresh between them. He says that she will never be able to replace Pragya from his life. Ranbir says that he don’t want to marry Rhea. Ranbir pleads Pallavi to stop this wedding. Then Pallavi tells him that if Prachi confess her love for him then she will talk to Rhea. Ranbir says thank you so much. Alia and Mitali act in front of Abhi and blames themselves for everything. Then Abhi comes and consoles them and says it’s not their fault. Then Abhi goes to Pragya and says sorry to her. She says tomorrow is Rhea’s wedding and we have to make it memorable for her. Then Ranbir goes to Prachi’s room. He tries to convince her that she should marry him as they have last chance left. He knows that she loves him. Prachi says I don’t want to talk about it and she rudely rejects him. Both are left heartbroken but hides from each other. Tanu is searching for Abhi and she finds him with Pragya in her room. Later, Tanu ask Pragya to leave the room.


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