Kumkum bhagya 17 June 2021 Spoiler -Ranbir tells Rhea that he will marry Prachi

In the next episode we will see that, a furious Ranbir goes to Rhea’s room and tell her that he is going to Prachi. He tells her that right now Prachi is in shiv temple and there he will get married to her. He says this time when she comes in this house she will come as Prachi kohli.

Will Ranbir get married to Prachi?

Up till now
Alia gaves money to Pradeep as Tanu ask her to do so. Pragya wakes up at night and tries to recall what happened with her?Then She remembers that when she is about to fall unconscious Alia is also there. She also finds the handkerchief of Alia and thinks that Alia helped Tanu. She goes to her room and confront her everything. Then Alia says she is not sorry for what she has done. Alia says she want 50 percent shares of Abhi’s company and in this only Tanu will help her. Pragya says tomorrow is Rhea’s wedding and after that she will tell everything to Abhi and let her and tanu out of the house. Then Shahana tells Aryan to Stop blaming Prachi for everything. Shahana shouts at him and tells him that Prachi loves Ranbir so much, but Rhea has put condition in front of Prachi that She will stop Abhi’s and Meera’s marriage only when Prach gets away from Ranbir. Otherwise she will separate both of them.


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