Kundali bhagya 11th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Arjun wakes up. Anjali taunts him. She tells him that he can’t drink like today again. He asks her that what he did. She tells him what all he did. He gets shocked hearing her. He asks himself that how can he do that. She tells him that he is stupid. She says that Arjun looks like angry young man but there is a kid inside him still. He asks her that what was Preeta’s reaction. She lies to him that Preeta accepted his proposal. She says that this is what he wanted to hear but Preeta pushed him. He gets angry hearing her.

He tells her that she should have stopped him from getting drunk. She asks him that how can he blame her. She says that she had no idea how he reached Preeta’s room. He tells her that they have to clear the mess now. She tells him that she already handled the things. She informs him that what she said to Preeta. He asks her that what Preeta will think about him now. He says that they have to handle the situation and takes her from there.

Raja asks Prithvi that why the latter want to ruin Rishabh’s party. Prithvi says that he and Rishabh were business partners and Rishabh betrayed him. He says that he lost crores because of Rishabh that’s why he wants revenge. Vishnu distributes gun to everyone on Raja’s behest. Prithvi takes one gun. Sona comes there. They hides the guns. Prithvi asks her that who is she. She introduces herself to him. Prithvi introduces himself as Daljeet. He asks her that what is she doing there. She tells him that she is searching Rishabh and Preeta’s daughter Kavya and leaves from there. He tells himself that Kavya is Rishabh’s younger brother’s daughter. Vishnu murmurs to Raja that Arjun is Rishabh’s younger brother then Kavya is Arjun’s daughter. Raja tells him that, that’s not possible. Prithvi asks them to not waste time and leaves from there. Raja wonders that why Rishabh and Arjun have different surnames if they are brothers then

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