Kundali bhagya 23 June 2022 written update: Karan goes to Luthra Mansion

At the beginning of the episode, Karan says that he is going back to his house. Doctor stops him and says that he is his doctor he can’t let him go. He says that he needs to be taken under observation because his condition is not good. Karan ask Anjali to find the details of this hospital. Then he signs a blank cheque and says that he can fill as much amount as he wants because this hospital belongs to him. He ask Anjali to call the driver. Doctor tells Anjali that Karan needs to be treated.

He says that right now he is very frustrated and angry and this can affect his brain and will worsen his condition. She says she will talk to him. Anjali tells him that it’s okay if he don’t want to stay here. She says but if he stays in hospital for some time then he will be treated properly. Doctor also says that he needs to taken u der observation for tonight. He says that he might lose his memory again if he won’t coperate with him. Karan says okay. He says that he can’t forget his past because it’s very important to him.

Anjali calls Mayank and thanks him for informing her about Karan’s accident. She ask him to come to the hospital tomorrow and give some rival files to the Arjun so that he get distracted. Next day, Mayank comes. Karan ask him what is he doing here? He says that he fired him. Then Anjali comes and tells him that he is here to greet him. He says that he can stay here for probation period and he will give him his position back once he is convinced that he is capable for his position again.

Mayank gives him some files. Anjali says that he is not well so he can’t work now. Karan says that he will decide whether he wants to work or not. Then he says to himself that Anjali is a mad girl. He says that she thinks that she can keep him distracted by these files but she can’t because now he will do what he wants to do. He throws away the files and sees Rishabh and Preeta’s picture. He says that when he forget everything then also he had this file. He says now he will go to Luthra Mansion.

Preeta wakes up and saw the dream of Karan. She cries. Rishabh says that she don’t need to think about what Pandit ji said. Meanwhile, Kavya comes and says that she don’t want to go school today. Preeta says then they have to go to doctor. She says she is fine. Preeta laughs and says that she knows she is doing drama. Karan enters the luthra Mansion and sees Preeta, Rishabh and Kavya together.

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