Kundali bhagya 8 August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Preeta collides with Prithvi and leaves there without seeing his face. Disguises Prithvi notices that Preeta crying. He thanks God for making Preeta cry. He notices vermilion on Srishti’s forehead. Srishti scolds him for staring at her and leaves from there. He tells himself that Srishti did not change at all. He wonders whom she married. He says that her husband is really unlucky. He wonders who made Preeta cry. He says that he will find out Preeta’s enemy.

On the other hand, Preeta cries recalling how she danced with Arjun and also how she danced with Karan. Srishti comes there. Preeta wipes her tears. She tells her that she came to drink water. Srishti asks her to not hide their emotions from her. She asks her if Arjun did something. Preeta tells her that she feels Karan’s presence whenever Arjun is around her. She cries saying that she is missing Karan so much.

Arjun overhears their conversation. He thinks that Preeta doesn’t miss Karan but she is ashamed of herself for killing Karan. Anjali comes there and she takes him from there. Preeta tells Srishti that she wants to stay alone for some time. Srishti asks her to not cry and leaves from there.

Anjali asks Arjun what was he doing standing outside Preeta’s room. She says that he still has feelings for Preeta and his emotions started controlling his mind. He tells her that he hates Preeta. He says that he felt good seeing Preeta crying. She tells him that she knows that he danced with Preeta as Karan because she saw love for Preeta in his eyes. She adds that he is lying now. He leaves the room angrily.

Srishti returns to Preeta’s room. She tells Preeta that she can understand that the latter is not able to forget Karan. She says that she noticed that Preeta behaving weirdly with Arjun. She adds that Arjun reminds her about Karan. Beeji comes there and tells her that Sameer calling her downstairs. She forces Srishti to go downstairs. Srishti tells her that she won’t leave without knowing that Beeji wants to talk to Preeta. Beeji tells her that she broke up with her boyfriend. Srishti asks her who is her boyfriend. Beeji tells her that she will tell her later. Srishti leaves the room.

Beeji asks Preeta why she is sad. Preeta tells her that she is missing Karan so much. Beeji tells her that Rishabh is her husband now. She asks her to respect her relationship with Rishabh. She adds that Preeta should not hurt Rishabh’s feelings. Preeta goes to Rishabh and takes him to the dance floor. She dances with him. Prithvi gets pissed off seeing that. Arjun gets angry seeing the dance performance of Preeta and Rishabh and he drinks.

In the kitchen, Vishnu tells Raja that Arjun said that Rishabh is his brother. He says that they can blackmail Arjun. Raja praises the idea. Prithvi comes there and questions them. Raja says that they came to ruin Rishabh’s party. Prithvi tells him that he also came for that only so they can ruin Rishabh’s party together. He adds that he is their boss from now on.

Dadi welcomes Surekha and her granddaughter Sona. She introduces them to the Luthra family. Surekha gifts varmala. She says that she wants Rishabh and Preeta to exchange varmala because she could not attend their marriage. Srishti announces that Rishabh and Preeta going to exchange varmala. Arjun gets angry hearing her.

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