Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11 June 2021 Written Update -Harsh supported Shubhra

At the beginning of the episode, Kuldeep goes out of the room of Shubhra and also apologises to her as Samayra created a ruckus. He also clears it out that Roli and Rishi will stay with her, as only she can take care of her. She nods and he leaves. In the morning, Shubhra and her family are having breakfast, Harsh is with them too. Samayra and Kuldeep come there too.

Samayra is shocked to see Shubhra with a good looking man like Harsh. She thinks that Shubhra is having affair with Harsh. Kuldeep explains that her thinking is wrong because Harsh is only treating Rishi. Samayra doesn’t believe it. Kuldeep gets a call so he leaves from there. Samayra wants to embarrass Shubhra so she moved towards her. She greets Harsh. While Harsh asks her to join them at the breakfast table. She refuses to say if she will join, Shubhra will lose her appetite. Shubhra looks on. Samayra keeps spilling nonsense.

She also fills a juice glass of Chandrani and Congratulations her. Harsh takes the glass of juice and asks her to leave as he doesn’t wanna spoil his family breakfast. Kuldeep scolds Samayra for her ill behaviour. Samayra again starts spouting nonsense and says Kuldeep always believes that Shubhra is an ideal mother but Shubhra is having affair with another man. And an ideal mother never finds another man for their children.

On the other hand, Samayra sends breakfast for Roli. Roli is happy to see junk food. Shubhra stands shocked discovering that Samayra delivered such breakfast for Roli. She asks Firki to leave her room and take this breakfast too. Firki gets furious and leaves from there.

Later, Samyara starts filling Kuldeep’s ears against Shubhra saying that Harsh is so close to her and soon he will be the father of Rishi and Roli. Kuldeep looks on. He steps out of the room. There, Narayan what to marry Shubhra to Harsh.

As according to him, Harsh is the right choice for Shubhra. Madhura asks him to keep his idea by himself because if Shubhra finds out this and she will move away from Harsh. Kuldeep hears their talk. After this, he saw Shubhra and Harsh together and feels that what Samayra was saying is right.